No VHB Tape With This New Outdoor Camera, Right?

I think the screw mounting is a good and better idea to hold an outdoor camera. But I was wondering if it will come with any VHB tape like the V2 camera? On the product page, they show it mounted to a tree and thick stone. Did they drill holes into the tree and the stone for that? Or was it mounted with VHB tape? Wondering if anyone has ideas. Also, if not included with VHB tape (I have my own I ordered through Amazon), is this new camera too heavy for VHB tape to hold it?

It is surprisingly heaver than a V2. I am not sure if that tape would hold up over a period of time, especially outdoors. To be honest, I never tried using any type of tape.
I did mount it to a tree branch with a screw and it held just fine. I will suggest taking one of the enclosed screws to the hardware store and getting a few extra that match. That makes is easy to move the camera to different spots. You leave the screw in the one spot and it’s ready if you want to put it back.

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Thanks! You must have beta tested it. And sounds like a good idea!

I did and had a blast! I got my unit in December '19 and I live in SE Wisconsin. We had some pretty cold temps and this thing took it all.
During the course of the winter and spring, I put it in 8 different locations. Some were protected and others fully exposed to the weather.
Just make sure you use the correct size screwdriver. The heads on screws that small can strip out easily.

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Cool. You’re not far from me. I’m from Indiana so we have pretty similar weather conditions! Thanks for the tip! If it’s one thing I have, it’s plenty of different types of screwdrivers and bits.

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You must be in northern Indiana. I’ve been to Evanston and their weather is definitely NOT like ours. LOL

Yeah, I’m closer to Chicago. lol It gets real cold and windy during the winter.