No stand alone person detect for Cam V3?

Yeah, this may make me reconsider my contribution. I just ordered two outside V3 cams for the purpose of watching my driveway. Not interested in deer or critters, just people.


I have Nest and the price is really high for the camera and the video retention subscription. In all honesty, the Wyze Night Vision far exceeds that of the Nest camera but the false detections on the Wyze cam v2 and v3 drive me crazy.

Well, sadly I just changed my VOLUNTARY monthly payment to $0.00. I wanted to support Wyze in helping to offset their costs to keep person detection free for early adaptors.
BUT, when Wyze violated their own promise to “keep it free in all cameras” by not allowing it in Cam V3 cameras they lost my support. Sad, I thought better of them…


Wyze should move person detection (and pets and etc.) back to the edge. Back into the camera that is. Hardware keeps getting more powerful (look at the v3 camera!). Surely Wyze can scare up some programmers who could replicate what Xnor accomplished. I’m scrapping by on a very small retirement income… I have 8 cameras and I absolutely cannot afford the monthly cloud-based person detection subscription costs.

And without person detection the value of the cameras drops to the level of “toy.”

Pointed outdoors, without person detection all sorts of false motion events flood the notifications (or history). Plus, the long cool down period means that a non-event (a bird flies by) can block a real person event.

And… person detection is not very accurate. People are detected as “motion” and, for example, a light going on in an empty room (by a timer) is flagged as a person being detected.

It all moved from pretty great to pretty mediocre.


I actually have had to turn off person detection on my v.2 camera because lights flickering, bushes moving in the breeze, and even tree branches set it off. I set up detection areas to eliminate the items causing the movement and even tried turning on movement tracking… to no avail. My v.3 camera is awesome for clarity… but identifies my parked car over and over again as a vehicle spotted and alarms me AND face recognition identifies… repeatedly… the wheels and wheel rims as being someone’s face! The technology needs some work and until it’s figured out with constant false alerts, they should not be charging for it. I had to turn off the Echo Alexa alarms for motion because it became almost constant with false alarms… even with sensitivity reduced to 20%-30%!

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Thanks for this thread which helped me figure out why I couldn’t get person detection working on my new V3 cameras. I’d upgraded a few existing wyzecams to V3s. I just put back my V2s and changed my monthly donation to $0 since I’m now stuck with a few V3s that I’ll need to find different purposes or homes for. I still had the on camera detection working on a few of the older cams that I kept back from the firmware updates. Now I have to look at reinstalling that older firmware image to get the on camera person working again which still works better than the current Wyze AI algorithm at least for my use cases.
I’ve been an early backer or most Wyze products but now I feel burned on the V3s.


Yup. I’m also a early back and also feel burned by the lack of person detection on v3 cameras. Wyze is quickly moving to the Standard Corporate Model. It’s sad to see the decline happen so soon.

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I refuse to complain about missing features… Yes, person detection is a nice thing to have, but it isnt perfect either with its fair share of capturing something that isnt a person but thinking it was. Regardless, i rarely ever use notifications and if theres ever something i find fishy i just look at the logs/recordings…

With that said, for those of you annoyed at the detection picking up things that arent people, have you configured a Zone so only something that moves in THAT area gets recorded? You could easily zone AWAY from a tree or whatever so i hope you at least tried that before complaining.

All that aside, PLEASE keep in mind that you guys are buying whats essentially a $20 product and getting everything else for free OR cheaply. IoT infrastructure in the end can cost A LOT and while Wyze may be selling a lot of Products the cost of products themselves and additional costs like servers and man power can EASILY surpass the income they get from these cheap yet decently built products.

While some of you have legit concerns/complaints i fear you are only looking at a small portion of a bigger picture. Thats my opinion anyway…


You bring up valid points, except that even refining the detection zones does not always alleviate false notifications. Besides, there’s not a lot of point to eliminate areas where people are detected in order to stop false detections if person detection is exactly what the feature should be doing. Mine was also picking up wheels of parked cars as faces and parked cars as people moving… when the cars were parked. There’s also the issue of 17 second delays of motion detection. The person is gone by the time the camera alerts. No, it’s not my WiFi speed. I have an IFTTT trigger that alerts me instantly when the cams detect motion by pop up on my phone and Echo Spots. My Wyze Cams alert me 15-17 seconds later. My WiFi speed is WiFi Fiber so speed is no issue. My Nest Cam triggers instantly.

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