No sound in live view

Hi guys!
I have 4 V2 cameras and none of them have any sound whatsoever in live view. Yes the sound icon is on… What gives? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If this is a known bug please let me know… Thanks in advance!

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No idea but perhaps you should trade equipment with this guy.

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I have 3 with the same problem for a while now. Don’t have the patience to try to troubleshoot right now because their troubleshooting for this issue is pretty lengthy before you reach out to them. If you find a solution let us know!

Thanks Lari for confirming that I am not the only one with this issue. I have sound if the cams record an event but none at all with live view so I don’t think that this is camera (all 4 are affected the same way) related but app related somehow. Just wish I could get some answers or they would fix the issue!