No sound in camera

Same issue here, very low sound coming through the mic. I have also tried all the advice on the forum but the issue remains. Using Android devices to monitor Wyze Cam 2.

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Im having the same issue with new camera. Updated the firmware right out of box so i dont know if its the firmware or not but the camera will not pickup sound in live feed or recorded video. However if i disable the auto night vision i get sound on both setting nightvision off and on but if i switch it back to auto nightvision i loose sound again

I’m having the same issue with one of my cans. Mic works fine, but all I get is static when trying to listen to audio picked up by the camera. Very disappointing. 3 others working fine.

Seems like after the months of reported issues on this forum for the same sound issues, there would be a fix for this by now. I have the same problem with my 2 Cam Pans. The sound works fine when in viewing mode on both cameras, but the sound volume is very, very low and I have to put the speaker of my phone to me ear to hear anything.

Also, when a recorded event occurs, whether visual or audio, I get no sound at all in the recordings from either camera…not even hissing. This happens on both the standard 12 second recording or continuous cloud recording. My firmware is up to date and this has been occurring since I have had my cams for several months.

I have gone through the standard troubleshooting steps of resetting the cameras, toggling the sound off/on in the advanced settings tab and also the speaker icon on the viewing screen. Nothing I have tried has worked. This is obviously a software or firmware issue. I would really like this corrected. I love the Cam Pans, but holding off on buying any more until the sound issues are fixed.

Thank you.


I have about 8 cams, more than half of them don’t have sound anymore, it’s pretty bad. I won’t buy more until it’s resolved.


Same with me. out of my 5 cams only two has audio

I’m now having the same problem. I have record audio set and I can see the lips move on the people in the recording, but no sound. It’s a damn shame Wyze can’t fix this problem.