No push notification for Vehicle Wyze AI Events with Cam Plus, Need "All Other Events" On

You are the one who needs “another bottle” to celebrate a victory. Some days I leave detection off and others I turn it on, nothing changes. I still get the daily fleet like you USPS ,UPS, FedEX and Amazon. Zero notifications. As I have stated many times the camera seems to be always recording events like every 1-3 min. because of tree branches swaying and or shadows. On a nice calm day if I walk up or down the driveway I will get a person alert. I will also get alerts of people walking in the court and of course the mailman at the mail box on a nice calm day. Maybe I should set the sensitivity to about 10 and see what it does??

I just posted this in another discussion. I get some but not all notifications. Also I don’t necessarily want to be notified of vehicles on certain cameras or I will get lots as some of my cameras point to the street in front of my house. Has there been any talk of making it selectable? So if I only want person detection I can check that box and leave vehicle turned off.

Double Oaked Woodford work?
But… won’t pull the cork until I see a resolved on the known issue list, chances are I’m just getting lucky.

I saw in a post WYZE hired an AI analyst, so I imagine we will see some improvements coming.

Do you have Cam Plus? With Cam Plus this is already a feature… when working properly.

Maybe you’re Irish this month. :blush: What is a good sensitivity for the V3 to start with?

With the amount of clear that I consume I would probably come from a much colder and hardened region, lol.

I actually have the one at my front door at 27.

I do have cam plus and the only way to do this is to have notifications for wyze ai events turned on. .I can’t specify vehicle/ person/ pet separately.

You can turn off detection for vehicle or person. It’s in account> services> cam plus. Click on the camera of choice. Mine has Person, Vehicle and Package. I don’t know if it works though??

I just set my v3 up yesterday. I have motion on/ sound off, AI events and other motion events on, set a detection zone, and I’m getting a notification every 5 mins that a vehicle has been detected. I read that most people are having an issue with not getting the notifications but I want to know how to get less?! I just want it to monitor my driveway for cars and people where I set the detection zone not the whole darn street.

Not sure if these settings have anything to do with it or not.

Those settings just filter what videos will show up on the events page. If you tap on motion you will see the rest. You will still get notifications even if you have the filters on or off. And this is why I want vehicle detection to work. Two guys in a black car, no lights on at 03:05:07 AM. I’m sure they were just out for an early Friday morning drive. I don’t think they liked my LED Motion sensor lights.
Edit: I was correct, they were up to no good. They broke into 4 cars down the street. A neighbor down the street has a WYZE Pan cam and other cameras and he has videos also. I wish the video I downloaded to my iPhone was clearer of the moving car. Maybe I will check the SD card and see how it looks.


So I subscribed to Cam plus yesterday with the whole purpose of getting Person and vehicle notifications. As everyone stated above, with “all events” as on, vehicle notifications are coming through. But if I only want vehicles and people, only people come through.

This is quite a shame and something Wyze should fix ASAP!


yes, welcome to the club of missing push notifications!

Purchased v3 with cam plus for a year. That was a mistake. activated the camera and received a trial version of cam plus. The trial version worked great. Trial ended, activated the subscription. Well, the problems began. it is so bad I don’t know where to begin to describe the problems. I can only say it is a disaster. I get no events, person, vehicle, etc. No notifications. I can’t wait till my year is up.

Wondering out loud monitoring?

Do you have All other motion events turned on also. If I turn that on for my V3 it is none stop notifications of shadows, tree branches and plants moving, blinking lights and everything that moves. You didn’t happen to disable notification on the app home page by taping the little bell on the top right did you? It will have zz next to it if you did.

Also try deactivating cam plus on the camera and then reactivate it. That was I was told to do on my doorbell. Also I had a similar situation where my cam plus trial ran out on a v3 and I had to do the same to get my paid subscription working.

So months on and this problem is still happening to me. I presume everyone else is still suffering with this? What I don’t understand is why this isn’t a huge issue for Wyze. I mean it fundamentally means their CamPlus AI solution doesn’t work correctly, and we’re paying extra to use it !!!


Got the same issue. Didn’t realize there was another thread for it. I just created another one. Not receiving any vehicle or package notifications.

I had exact problem since trying the service with their promotion offered. I just canceled it yesterday after 3 months of holding my breath it would get fixed. If anything every update broke more things. Going back to the non Camplus system all my notifications work again. It sucks that I get push notifications for every motion detected but at least I get them. Camplus just isn’t ready for launch IMO.