No Notification on Sound or Motion

We just purchased a Wyze Cam v2 last week, set the camera up in my daughter’s room. My husband and I each created an account on the Wyze app. We both use iPhones. We just can’t figure out why neither of us can receive ANY push notifications/alerts on our phones when there’s motion OR sound!
Under Accounts setting,we made sure push notification is on.
On our iPhones, we made sure all notifications relating to Wyze are on (banners, sounds, allow notification, badges)
We made sure the “alarm” icon is enabled and not on sleep mode
Under device settings, notification is turned on
Under rules, we set “detect sound” + action to “unmute notification” and ensure that the “enable” was turned on
Under Events and Filter, we made sure we selected “sound” and “motion” we’re checked
Sensitivity are all turned to 100%

No matter how hard we clap infront of the camera, we just don’t get any notifications!