no micro sd card installed in camera



I am a newbie. I set up my first camera in our garage.

When I try to playback what was recorded, I get a message on the app that says “no micro sd card installed in camera”.

I have a Sandisk 32gb microSDHC UHS-1 card installed. What am I not doing?


From the live stream, tap the gear icon. Then tap Advanced Settings > Local Storage. Do you see the SD card memory available there? If not, then the card may not be installed properly. Try popping it out of the camera and reinstalling. If you see it, then try reformatting the card using the Format link on that page of the app.


I put the Wyze 32GB MicroSDHC Card into the device. It would only allow one orientation.

Still does not find the SD card.


Did you insert the card until you hear a click? A flat finger doesn’t work. You need to use a fingernail or a thin blunt object. If it’s seated properly, when you push it again with the object, it should click and pop out.


I have done the same troubleshooting procedures and I still get the message “no sd card installed.” This camera has been working fine for a few weeks with the 32 gb sd card but now it is not recognized by the camera. Any suggestions?


Is this a brand new card or one that was previously working in the camera but now is not?

I would try to format the card on a computer using this tool:

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SOLVED – I had the same issue yesterday. I was using the Sandisk 32gb class 10.
When I kicked off formatting from the camera/app, it got stuck and after that the camera stopped recognizing the sd card. I tried formatting fat32 using a Mac and a windows pc but it didn’t help.
finally, i downloaded the formatting utility from the Sandisk site and formatted the sd card using their utility which did the trick. The key difference in formatting via pc/mac is that the sd card shows 29.5gb available while the out-of-the-box the sd card is 29.7gb free space. Formatting using the sandisk utility gives back the 29.7gb which the Camera is able to detect.


I purchased a Wyzecam Pan camera about a month ago with a SD card from Wyze. The card didn’t work, so they sent me another one, and that didn’t work. It would say “No Micro SD card installed.” So the Wyze rep and I decided it was a bad card slot on the camera itself. So they sent me a new camera altogether. I had asked if they could test it first before sending it to me. He said they did. It arrived yesterday and both SD cards that I had didn’t work. I got the same error message. I hope when he said they tested the camera, that they tested it with a SD card. It would have been more ideal if they kept whatever SD card they tried in it (if they actually did try a card in it) and sent it to me even if it was the 3rd card I would have gotten. That’s because how do I know now if both SD cards I have are defective, as well as the card slot on the original camera? The only thing I did differently was that I upgraded the app on this new camera before trying it, so I don’t know if something was wrong with the upgrade. Also, could there be something in one of the menus in my iPhone that I need to change? I went through every menu. The operating system on my iPhone is version 10.3.3.


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Thank you for your reply. But I don’t really know what you and others are talking about when you mention things like Sandisk card and trying to format with a pc or Mac and then you downloaded a formatting utility from a Sandisk site. First of all, I have a Wyze SD card that I purchased with the Wyze Cam Pan camera. I expected it to work right away when inserted into the camera. I did go to the menu for Local Storage and formatting but it’s in that menu that it doesn’t recognize the card.
Concerning formatting the Wyze SD card on my MacBook Pro, I don’t have any port nor accessory that I can plug it into, nor do I feel like going out and buying something $30 or more or even a few dollars, when it should have worked right away in the camera. I don’t understand how it supposedly worked for them before they sent it to me, because I had asked them to test the new camera with a SD card before sending it to me. But even if they did test it, it was with another Wyze SD card they had, which they didn’t send with the new camera. So now I have 2 Wyze Cam Pan cameras and 2 Wyze SD cards (sent to me previously), all of which don’t work when the cards are inside the cameras.


@heronshopnew Unfortunately, to get your Wyze SD card properly formatted to work, you will have to purchase an SD Card Reader to format it through your computer. Please see link below to one that works well and is quick. You can use it for future purposes as well if you want to transfer videos from the micro sd card to your computer. Works with standard SD cards as well as there are two slots. This card reader is $10.99 if you are not getting anywhere with Wyze on this issue. I didn’t bother to contact Wyze about this since I did not want to go through the hassle. The comments up there suggested formatting via computer so I went on Amazon to order the card reader, formatted it through my laptop, and it worked right away. (Mind you, before I looked this up and ordered the card reader, I tried several times back and forth between the Wyze Pan and the Cam to re-insert the card and format and that did not work no matter how many times I attempted) Hope this helps you or anyone else having this issue.