no micro sd card installed in camera




I am a newbie. I set up my first camera in our garage.

When I try to playback what was recorded, I get a message on the app that says “no micro sd card installed in camera”.

I have a Sandisk 32gb microSDHC UHS-1 card installed. What am I not doing?


From the live stream, tap the gear icon. Then tap Advanced Settings > Local Storage. Do you see the SD card memory available there? If not, then the card may not be installed properly. Try popping it out of the camera and reinstalling. If you see it, then try reformatting the card using the Format link on that page of the app.


I put the Wyze 32GB MicroSDHC Card into the device. It would only allow one orientation.

Still does not find the SD card.


Did you insert the card until you hear a click? A flat finger doesn’t work. You need to use a fingernail or a thin blunt object. If it’s seated properly, when you push it again with the object, it should click and pop out.


I have done the same troubleshooting procedures and I still get the message “no sd card installed.” This camera has been working fine for a few weeks with the 32 gb sd card but now it is not recognized by the camera. Any suggestions?


Is this a brand new card or one that was previously working in the camera but now is not?

I would try to format the card on a computer using this tool: