"No Micro Sd card installed in camera" error when trying to view playback

I just upgraded to the latest app version, I have 2 Wyze cams ver2. When I open the app and turn on the cameras then attempt to view playback I receive the error
“No Micro Sd card installed in camera” If I go back to the home screen and try again sometimes twice everything works, this happens every time i turn the cameras on and happens to both of my cameras. It does not occur If i use my shortcut to turn on both cameras at the same time.It also does not happen with the older app version 1.5.82

Any ideas ?

Try removing the card and put it back in. If you hear the Tong Tong chime after few seconds, it means the camera can recognize the card.


I did that and reformatted and tried different cards, this issue showed up with the new app version.I have an older phone with the older app version 1.5.82
still installed and this is not an issue. it does not make sense that it does not occur when the shortcut is used or the older version.