No longer 12 seconds video clips?

For v2 and v3 cameras did wyze remove 12 second preview recording of events? Only have a still shots of recorded events . If so really sucks as one of the main reasons I’ve purchased so many wyze cameras.

Only if you have no cloud access. If you’re not a Cam Plus subscriber, and prefer not to pay for same, you can sign up for Cam Plus Lite and name your price including $0. Then assign your cam(s) to it and you will have 12 second event recordings and free person detection.

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That is true. In addition, in your event setting area, you will need to select the type of capture you want Video or Image.


Nothing has changed on my end yet I only get still shot event recordings now. Will look more into settings i hope. Note happened after an update to all cameras. Think wyze is changing their interface

Had the name ur price n i subscribed upon the initial offer for v2 cameras. Few years was paying. Wyze stopped my subscription or support for v2 all together from what i read in an email sent to me and so went my subscription. Was paying a few dollars every month for that service which was name ur price.


The only cam i know of that Wyze discontinued support for was v1.

You can still register for Cam Plus Lite for $0 or more for video events and person detection. Cam Plus (regular) is still $4.99/mo or $14.99/annually.

So what you are saying isn’t quite making sense to me.

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Wyze sent out emails and in app notifications since early this year for this change. The changes went into effect 3/14/22.

To keep the free cloud event clips you have to sign up for cam plus lite.

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