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HI, I just got my Wyze cam last week and, despite some set-up issues with connectivity, it’s working and I’m loving all the features. I have one issue. It appears to be detecting motion and sends alerts, where I can view the room monitored nicely and see what triggered the alert, but it’s not saving them at all. Once I see an alert, it’s gone, gone, gone. When I go to playback on my Wyze app on iOS, choose More, Album, both video and Photos are empty. Since the point of having this cam is to have proof, this kind of defeats the purpose! I’m not sure if I have something set up wrong in the app or what. I checked the SD card instructions, formatted it, restarted the cam, restarted my iPhone, a few times each now. Still nothing saved. Help, please?

Strange. If you’ve got an SD card in, you should see something in the “Playback” tab. But without an SD card, you’re looking in the wrong place. The 12-second cloud videos will be saved in “Events,” not in “Playback.” You can at least see those 12-second clips, right?

They did have a small run of cameras that got manufactured without a resistor necessary to recognize SD cards a while ago, so you could check here to see if your camera is affected. If so, they’ll send you another one for free.

When you click playback, use the slider to view recorded footage (orange circle in visual aid), and in the album you can view manually saved clips and photos (red circles in visual aid).

Event clips are not saved to your album ,they are saved to the cloud , the only thing that will be saved to your album is if you record something manually or download an event clip.

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Okay, that’s why I wrote. I could not find any of the alerts, but now I see them in Events. I do have an SD card and the camera seems to recognize it as I formatted it, but nothing is being actually saved on it.

I just bought mine this past week from Amazon and, since I live in Canada, even if it is defective, it looks like they only replace to US addresses. Thanks though!

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microSD and Continuous Recording

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