No AC with Wyze Thermostat

No fuse to blow. But I did notice another issue now. I can’t turn on the fan by itself now. I could before we found the split.

Show a picture of how you rewired the split.

I am having issues as well with the cooling on my wyze thermostat. Pls help! The air kicks on but it’s not cooling. I believe my wiring on the furnace or to the white wyze circle is not correct?

Without seeing images of your wiring I cannot help you. Please share photos of your wyze thermostat wiring, the old thermostat wiring, if you have it, and the air handler/furnace wiring.

I think we figured it out, we disconnected the wyze connector from the furnace and rewired it back the way it was before we used the wyze connector! Seems to be spitting out cool air now! Apparently you don’t need to use the wyze connector.? Thank you very much for responding though :slight_smile:

The adapter is only required if you do not have a C wire on your thermostat run. If you do not have a C wire, and the green wire is attached to C on your thermostat and you take the adapter out, your fan will run constantly, any you may burn out your transformer or fan relay, so I don’t recommend doing that.

Yes we have a C wire. I must have missed all that and went straight to following the instructions of installing the adaptor when we didn’t need it! Thank you so much for your help!

This solution worked for my furnace as well. Thank you @speadie!