Night Vision Setting On Without LEDs On



Hey RickO,

add me to the list of people requesting this feature as well.



Another user requesting the ability to turn off IR emitters.



I would like this feature as well. It is very annoying to have the IR leds reflect off of glass in front of the camera and obscure the night image.


Yep, this feature would be a huge help! Please add me to the list as well. Thanks!


Just got my V2s in and set up. Add me to the list of people that would like to see this feature implemented. Thanks!

Gonna try to black tape method in the meantime.


Please add me to this request


Absolutely. Discovered the same issue trying to view an external IR lite environment through glass. With night vision setting turned on (or automatic) the builtin Wyze LEDs reflect off the glass and blind the camera. I think an IR Enabled setting to enable IR camera but not to turn on the IR LEDs would be sufficient in most cases. Should be a relatively simple MC fix to the camera and new setting for the apps.


I just discovered this (below) for taping over the camera. Since it’s cloth, it is totally non-reflective. I covered the LEDs with it as well and have absolutely no reflection off of the glass it points through.

UPDATE: Contrary to my quick test against a piece of glass, when I mounted the camera in a window and viewed at night, I do get a reflective image in the center of the frame. Not nearly as bad as without the tape, but by no means completely solves the issue.


Why is such a simple software implementation not happening, multiple updates to the cameras since this was brought up and even it was mentioned that it was able to be done in software! Yet it never has happened, why?


I bought the tape per your suggestion. Taped the 4 LEDs on the sides of the lens. Still there is reflection in the center of the video.

Can you share a pic of how you taped the camera to have zero reflection.


Yeah, sorry, I was wrong. I tested against a piece of glass and got no reflection, but when I mounted in a window at night, I’m seeing the same thing you are. I don’t think I can do any better without obscuring the lens. I’ll amend my post.

I guess we can just keep voting up this topic and hope that it gets implemented sooner rather than later.


No problem, Rick! I also taped both top and bottom, then double taped the sides. Got pretty good results.

Of course, there will be no auto night mode since the light sensor is taped. But at least the video is useful. I just need to toggle the night vision manually as needed. I remember I have tried using black plastic electrical tape, gorilla duct tape etc … early on but didn’t get good result.
Thanks for your help!


I’m going to ask you the same question @catcat1386 :slightly_smiling_face: Can you share a pic of how you taped the camera?
Tape is due to arrive on Thursday , I tried black electrical tape Took it back off
Those pictures are way better than mine .


In the end I double taped both sides. Attached pics show the taping and video captured. I blackened the camera using black marker.


Thank you I appreciate that
Boy you taped er up good :grinning:
I have a black camera Due to be delivered today I can use For that location ,So I won’t have to worry about Changing the color .
I also Have one of these ordered so I can put it anywhere on the window that I want .


I wonder if you could put a pin hole where the light sensor is to regain auto mode without compromising the tape job?


Make a hole with a paper punch maybe before putting tape on .
Is that sensor The small hole on the bottom, Rick ?


I think that tiny hole @ top of the LEDs ring houses the light sensor. I can see that tiny light sensitive resistor behind the tiny clear plastic cover. As for the bottom small circle with a reddish cover, I am not sure of its purpose.


Correct. I believe the bottom sensor is just a blank hole at this time, intended for future use or leftover from a past use.


Thanks, OK so the top circle is the light sensor
I wasn’t referring to The larger circle At the bottom But the tiny hole Just under The lens