Night Vision Setting On Without LEDs On



Add me to that vote count too, for IR cut filter out but LED’s off…


turn off IR lights but still use night vision.

Yup , I really want this


+1 Yes, a desperately needed feature for those of us who point the cameras out of windows!


Bought a Yi cam which has this feature. It works very well.

Also in searching recorded events, their app has the snap on feature, i.e. snapping to closet start of a recording if the white search line stops at no recording zone. But event duration is only 6 seconds, not 12.

Wyze, please expedite this feature. It shouldn’t be that hard !!

I still have 2 V1s and 2 V2s waiting to be put behind windows :-), after 12 V2s installed with 5 outdoor under the eave or deck.



Just a simple checkbox next to the Night Vision selector to disable IR lights when Night Vision mode is on.


Does anyone know the status of this request? Has it been accepted, is it in progress, if so will it be in the next version release?


All I can tell you is that it’s currently the fourth highest requested feature, and we’ve been told that it’s technically feasible. So hopefully it will be incorporated in the near term.


Please add my request to turn off infrared LED’s list.

I have two layers of electrical tape over the front of the camera and IR light still leaks through the tape. I’m about to open up the camera and unsolder the LED’s

Please help us WYZE.


I think a lot of people are waiting on this but haven’t registered to request it in the forum.

I registered just for this request.


Good luck with that… I had a failed camera I took apart, talk about packed inside… If you can get it far enough apart to get to the four LEDs, desolder them, and get it back together again, I’ll be surprised. There is not one cubic MM of wasted space inside there. There are 4 PC mounted LEDs on the camera board. Write me off list and I can send you photos. It is very well built on the inside, and the IR filter motor is cute… I’ll wait for the software switch to be introduced.


It’s in the top 5 requests on the tracker, so hopefully not too long.


I’ve tinkered with the camera to disable the internal IR LEDs so that I could put the camera indoors but mount a separate IR floodlight (from Amazon) outdoors. That doesn’t work and I learned several things along the way in my quest to use these cameras to view the outdoors:

The “Low-E” energy saving double pane windows typically installed as new or replacement windows today block the IR light from reaching the camera indoors. In my case, every window in the house had been replaced recently including the slider to my deck, and they all blocked any enhanced nighttime image due to the IR light being outside and the camera inside. In order to work effectively, the camera must be on the same side of the glass as the IR floodlight. We already know that if you try to use the camera’s own IR lights inside a window looking out, it doesn’t work due to the reflection off the glass.

According to the specs, the V1 and V2 versions of Wyze cam are sensitive to IR light at a wavelength of 850nm. If you mount the camera outside and intend to use an external IR floodlight like I have, it’s essential that the floodlight’s IR emitters match the wavelength of the camera. Otherwise the image won’t be as bright as it would be if the wavelengths matched.

When I bought the Pan camera, I noticed in the specs that its IR sensitivity is at a wavelength of 940nm. That means that an external IR light that works with the V1 and V2 probably won’t be effective with the Pan camera if you plan to mount the Pan camera outside somehow.

Amazon sells several different versions of the same-looking IR floodlight, so you need to be sure the one you buy matches the IR wavelength of the camera you intend to use it with. The one I bought has 198 individual IR LEDs arranged in a rectangular pattern behind a piece of plastic for weatherproofing, with a photocell included to activate the LEDs only when it got dark, then turns it off at dawn. Its power supply is 12 volts DC so you put the power adapter inside somewhere (in my case in my garage) and run some 16 gauge two conductor cable out through a hole in the wall to the light. I think it was around $65 plus some stuff from the hardware store to mount it on my vinyl siding.

I’m using the Frienda black vinyl camera wraps available from Amazon which so far have worked very well aside from some false motion detection notices caused by the camera vibrating in high winds, as some have noted in the reviews on Amazon. We’ve had torrential rains here over the last several weeks and the two cameras I have outside (but under the eaves) continue to work flawlessly. One of them has been up since May, the second since August. As others have pointed out here and on Amazon, the Frienda white camera wraps tend to reflect the camera’s IR lamps (if you’re using just the camera’s IR light) back into the lens and interfere with good night vision, so use the black wraps to avoid that.

The camera mounting bracket that comes with the Frienda wraps is plastic junk. After you’ve screwed it into the back of the camera, you have to rotate the whole base of the mount to orient the camera due to the fact that this mount won’t let you rotate the camera end with the tripod screw independently of the base that screws into the house. Do yourself a favor and look for an inexpensive (under $6) aluminum mount with the brand name OdiySurveil and you’ll have complete freedom of positioning once the base is attached to the house.

The newer of my two cameras mounted outside is using just the Wyze cam’s built in IR lamps since it’s looking at a very small area of my deck by my back door. You’ll find that you’ll see a lot of false triggers on motion alerts due to flying insects attracted to the IR light. I don’t have that problem with my first outside camera which uses the IR floodlight because they’re not mounted near each other. The insects may fly towards the IR floodlight, but the camera is by itself about 15 feet away on another part of the house. They’re not attracted to the camera at all since I’d already disabled the camera’s IR LEDs in my original attempt to mount it behind glass. This is another good reason why we need an upgrade to be able to turn off the camera’s LEDs while keeping its night vision capabilities working. It would give the more sophisticated user the option of putting a separate LED floodlight up to eliminate the false triggers from flying insects zeroing in on the camera.

I would say that in an outdoor setting, the IR LEDs built into the V1 and V2 cameras are good to about 15 feet, so if pointed into a yard with no other illumination at night, don’t expect miracles. I’m sure there are all kinds of nocturnal creatures crossing my back yard but the camera never sees them.


Please devs implement this.


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