Night Vision Scheduling V2 and V3 Cams

Currently, the only options for night vision are Auto, On, or Off. I would like to be able to set the time for the night vision to go on and off instead of relying on Auto, or having it always on or always off. Quick and easy software addition <3

Can we add an option to schedule a time for night vision mode to be on/off? Sometimes night vision mode turns off too early and I can’t see very well.


If night vision were included as an action in the shortcuts feature you would be able to schedule it. Therefore, I’d suggest you also hop over and vote for this topic:


Thanks. Sorry I didn’t mean to post something that was already brought up. I’ll do a search next time. I voted them both up. This thread only has 6 votes so I guess it’s unlikely they will implement it. The other one might have a chance.

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Is there anyway to set the night vision on a schedule my camera turns on night vision before sun down and there is plenty of light going inside my room but night vision still turns on

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there currently isn’t. there is a post on the wishlist about additional rules people would like added. scheduling night vision is one of about 40 on that list. I agree it could be very helpful to many people to have that extra control.

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Switching from Auto to OFF is not very smooth, and timely. It seems the cam remains in Auto for too long for my liking.
I would like to see an option under Schedule and Automations > Select Action to be able to turn Nightvision OFF. In other words, select a time when Nightvision is turned OFF and ON.

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I’d like to see a new schedule device action for a cam added to the list.

I have a camera pointed out a front window and when the xmas lights are on, the camera oscillates between day and night mode if it is set to auto.

What I’d suggest is a new action where I can turn on or off night mode based on a time (or better yet, sunrise and sunset.

Either than or maybe have a way of telling the camera not to switch back and forth so fast. I have a similar problem with a camera pointed out a back window to my patio. There I have a separate IR emitter to light up the patio at night and if it is dark and I also turn on the patio lights, the camera oscillates between day and night mode so maybe there is a way to have it stay in night mode if it changes back and forth in a short period of time too much.


Some of us are experiencing flickering in auto night mode due to the filter constantly moving. I have to manually turn night mode off and on daily on one of my V2’s. A scheduled action to turn night mode off/on would solve this.
Thank you :+1:

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I love the IR Night view, but after dusk, my neighboor’s porch lights across the street force the AUTO setting back into normal camera vision and NOT night vision, which results in a really poor image quality for night time. Is it possible to set the camera to NIGHT view based on time of day, rather than a sensor? Or create an area in the view that can be ignored for NIGHT vision, Otherwise, I’m very happy with the camera.

We definitely need this. Also add to automation maybe

Add the ability to schedule when to turn night vision on/off with the V3 camera using a rule.


WE NEED THIS!!! My outdoor lighting keeps the nigh vision off and I can not see much. Or some sort of sensitivity setting to adjust!!! PLEASE. Seems like this has been a request for a while now.


This should be a quick fix. Simply add it to the rules so you can set a time to activate and deactivate.

are you using a v2 or V3?

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This seems like anti-logoc. With starlight on the V3 and cam pan v2 one would think the importance of this is greatly reduced not increased. It seemed that all the Wyze marketing of starlight indicated that IR was a thing of the past.

A lot of it is personal preference. Depending on if you live in a city where you have ambient light or The boondocks where there’s no light or in an environment where the better contrast of black and white might give you more detail, having the different options can be quite valuable. Hopefully if it were to be implemented it would give a lot of variable as to how the user can implement it so it would have the widest array of uses possible for everyone

That doesn’t raise it’s importance over anyother feature request. There are a number of V3 reviews on youtube showing the greatness of starlight over IR. If it’s all that impotant I would suggest you cantact them and have them edit out all the hype and add some it’s limitations.

Maybe raise the importance of some of the other features.