Night mode hazy on V3 camera all of a sudden

All of a sudden night mode on my V3 camera is hazy and is useless. Any ideas what could have happened?

Depends on a few things. Do you have a screenshot you can show us what you mean?

Are your IR lights still coming on? Do you notice a difference in quality when you switch between the near or far setting?
Is the night vision set to Auto, on, or off?
Have you tried rebooting the camera? Wyze recommends this as their number 1 troubleshooting recommendation for night vision issues. At least when the night vision is selected and still not working as desired.

Do you only have the problem when it is night/dark, or is it still hazy if you manually switch to night vision in the daytime?

Is it pointing through a window, in a small room, or pointing outside, are there bright lights in view? What is the situation? Sometimes positioning can also make a difference.

Hopefully we can help give you some good ideas of things to check and find a way to fix it.

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Night vision IR light both near and far are very foggy. Here are 2 pics. The foggy dark pic is with night vision on near/far. The clear pic is night vision off.
I have rebooted the camera also. The camera is under the eve of a roof as you can see and is located outside. The pic looks fine during the day using night vision.
Seems like a problem with IR processing possibly.

The foreground (eves, everything that’s illuminated by the ir in the one picture) is causing the background to be underexposed because the camera is trying to expose the area of brightness. Try this, leave night vision mode on, but disable the IR lights. It’ll look more like the bottom picture.


I agree with @Omgitstony that this is a light/exposure issue as he described. The nightvision is actually working “properly” so to speak…(as in, if you used the cam inside a room or away from nearby objects on the top/sides, it would see clearly).

One potential solution that others have tried is buying an IR blaster that is set out a little farther away from those nearby objects. Alternatively, leaving the IR off, or just leaving Nightvision off altogether may have better results.

This worked perfectly and the video was perfectly illuminated until about 2 weeks ago. Nothing has changed. I have turned off the IR off. It only looks as good as it does because of having snow on the ground. Without the snow, the pic will be very dark. I do appreciate your input though.

Can you post a screen shot or a video from over two weeks ago? So we can compare then and now to see what the difference is?

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Yeah, that is weird. It would be great to see a comparison of how it used to look. Maybe it will help to figure out why there is suddenly a difference in the exposure. (ie: can you take a screenshot of any previously saved video at night from a few weeks ago?)

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unfortunately I can only go back to the 27th and thats not before the problem began. I had the same issue happen with an outdoor Wyze camera where the night vision suddenly turned foggy. I have a bunch of cameras so I hope its not “contagious”

Like @carverofchoice stated, do you have any old saved events on your device that you May have downloaded from the cloud previously you can post a screenshot of?

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Isnt it just that the IR lights are highlighting the moisture in the air?
When it’s foggy, the IR lights create a complete white mist on my v2 cams.
If I turn off the IR the image is completely clear.

Can you post some pictures of the effective camera so we can see what the view is? Is there anything close that the IR is hitting and bouncing off and going back to the camera? That’s usually the case when the view is washed out, but I look forward to seeing photos, thanks in advance!