Newly install Wyze Cam Floodlight, floodlight won't turn on with motion detected

I installed a Wyze Cam Floodlight last week to replaced my motion sensor floodlight. I’ve set the floodlight on turn on when sensor detect motion, I did some test and camera recording video when it detect me (person), however, it never trigger the floodlight to turn on. I can manually turn on the floodlight without any problem and I start to suspect it’s a product problem

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Welcome to the forum @meiasuri315

To better assist and without knowing what troubleshooting you have done thus far, can you provide a screen shot of your Flood Light Controls, Under Floodlight settings and provide the Firmware Version numbers of the Camera, Flood Light, and Wyze App Version.

Assuming you were testing this at night, where the built in Floodlight rules for turning the Floodlight on with motion detected by the PIR and Camera are in the “Dark”.

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I have the same concern as Meiasuri.

The Wyze floodlight replaces a older (no camera) motion sensor/floodlight. That shapes my expectations. I expect that when I approach the sensor, the lights will snap on. This should be true regardless of having a camera, or whether or not the camera is “on” within the app. However, the motion sensor seems to have no function. The lights come on from the app (if camera is on) when a person is “green boxed” and detected; or when the virtual button is pushed.

With app and camera OFF, and power to the floodlight on, the lights stay out when waving my arms in front of the fixture – at distances from a foot to 20 feet, daylight dark or dusk. There seems to be no motion (or heat or normal noise) that the “motion” sensor is functioning to detect.

Please direct me to a page with a checklist for troubleshooting. Is there a loose wire? Is the sensor itself bad? Did I forget to peel some sort of cover off a hidden lens? (Wyze documentation is the worst of any company I continue to do business with.)

I have the floodlight set to turn on when the PIR sensor detects motion.
Settings >Accessories >Floodlight >Motion is detected by PIR sensor

Note that motion will only turn on the floodlight when it’s dark outside with no other lights on nearby

I had to do the same but the turn on is so slow, I am out my door and off my deck at a walking pace before it knows I am there, pretty disappointed all in all