New Wyze Switch

The current implementation could be improved. I am able to select the floodlight’s camera for Smart Control, but that enables/disables the camera rather than toggling the lights. The power remains on. The floodlight itself does not appear as an option within the smart control configuration.

For the moment I have the switch’s Additional Controls configured with press and hold to turn the floodlight on and double press to turn off the floodlight. Unfortunately there isn’t a Toggle option in the rules that would allow you to use the same button press combo for on and off. Not ideal, but functional for now.

Really I’d like to see the single press smart control allow toggling the lights on/off.

Thanks @DimWittedOne. Totally helpful information. Agree it’s not ideal. Hopefully Wyze is watching this posts. I posted my use case here Introducing Wyze Cam Floodlight! - 11/9/21 - #223 by KSi in the Floodlight forum and like to think my mentioned use case is what others would like to do as well.

I wonder if the fact that this is an accessory and not a primary device has any bearing on whether you can control it via rules?

On test 2 with cable modem off can you turn the light switch on/off from the app?

So does selecting the smart mode prevent the basic light switch functionality from working without the internet?

It stopped working in smart mode without internet,

Any tips for installing? I have a dual gang switch… Fan and light; they share the line wire. When I install the Wyze switch, it does not blink to set up, but the fan switch will turn the fan on. I can install the original switch and both work just fine. Of note, when I put the line and load to the correctly labeled terminals and flip the breaker, it faults and power is not restored to the circuit. When I switch the wires, the breaker comes on just fine.

I called support, they walked through the steps and told me the switch was defective and to take it back to THD. I took it back and bought a couple more. Same problem. I can’t imagine it’s the switches. Surely it’s me or the wiring??

For what it’s worth… here is the picture of my original wiring. The fan switch is on the left and the light switch is on the right

The fan switch is a single pole or 3-way. The blue capped wire is because this is a single pole switch. It’s a lutron brand 1.5a ceiling fan controller