New Wyze Sprinkler controller not turning on irrigation system. HELP!

I replaced my Rainbird sprinkler controller, (which was working) with the new Wyze Sprinkler controller. Today I opened the box, followed the instructions on the app (seemed pretty easy), connected with Bluetooth, tried to run the first zone test and… nothing!

I checked the wiring, moved the C to the secondary C wire input and still… nothing.

I thought, hmm… maybe I wired something wrong after all. Good thing the set up app had me take a picture of the old wiring set up before I disconnected it. I thought that was a smart idea, but when I searched the app to double check… nothing! It doesn’t show up anywhere that I can find!

This is very frustrating. I searched the help first with my phone, now with my computer and still… nothing.

Can someone at Wyze impart some Wyzedom to me? I don’t want to have to send this back.


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Wonder if there’s some server/service issues happening. I installed mine last week and it was working great. Showed me where all my issues were. Been replacing sprinklers all day and now nothing fires. Ugh. Hoping it’s a blip.

I am having the same problem. RainBird. Intermittent. I first installed and it didn’t work. During install, it asked to trigger Zone 1. It didn’t work. I rewired thinking poor connection and it worked for a full water cycle. The next day I tried to start a single zone, and it didn’t work. Today I tried again to start a single zone and again it didn’t work. I have good internet connection. Very frustrating.

I’m having the same problem. Everything worked fine setting it up. But automatic scheduling doesn’t work at all. Starting manually only initiates the sprinkler for about 1 second then immediately shuts off. please help!

I’m having same issue but mine worked on schedule the 1st day and not after that, but runs fine on manual start. I even have the offline schedule enabled so has to be In the unit firmware… Help Please…