New wyze sensor v2 does not work with Alexa Routine Action

Phelpsa06: Come on man. Wyze is busy developing a new item, a toilet seat, they don’t have time to fix the stuff they already have. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks like either with the app update just released last night or some backend changes happening, routines are now working for my V2 sensors.

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Yep! Getting alerts today. Sounds great!

From what i can tell… Alexa and Wyze will start a routine (turn on lights) as a result of a sensor trigger but will not turn off lights with no activity. Anybody else seeing this still?

I notice my alexa routines started working with my v2 sensors last night around 1am. Very excited. Thanks Wyze for getting this done.

My V2 sensors are working great with my routines I had previously setup and the alexa routine is actually faster than the announcement that person detected at a camera. WooHoo! Thanks Wyze! Looks like I can replace the rest of my old door sensors with the new V2 now.

I can confirm it is working.
Thanks to the wyze team.