New Wyze scale won't connect with app

I actually have a ticket opened up (#550086) and have been in contact multiple times with a John, but haven’t heard back in about 36 hours. I think I have a faulty scale.

Well, dang. I’m sorry to hear that. Has John replied to you since you posted your ticket number?

No, I’m fact it’s been about three days since I’ve heard from anyone at Wyze. I know things are a little hectic right now what with COVID-19, but I’m really getting bad vibes from my customer experience thus far. Isn’t there anything I can do to get my Scale working like it should? I’ve literally tried everything, multiple times, and still no connection to the app. It’s like it doesn’t even try to connect, like there is no Bluetooth signal from the Scale itself.

I am sorry you are having issues with your scale, have you tried a different device and it does the same thing on both devices?

Thank you for letting me know. I sent you a reply through your ticket and I’m pinging the team about this.

I haven’t heard back from Wyze since April 23rd. They wanted me to send them information on my settings for the scale. How can I do that when the scale won’t even connect to the app? I have had my scale for almosta month now, this is bull… has anyone else gotten anywhere? I’m ready to return it. [Wyze Ticket 530189]

Thank you for the support ticket number. I checked on your ticket and it looks like an internal note was added about the trouble you were running into before it was escalated. We apologize for being behind on support tickets and I’m working to draw attention to yours now.

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So i troubleshooted this to hell and back and finally found a answer to the problem, Ever since the new Firmware which I think is unrelated maybe related somehow, Software has to communicate with the new firmware and back again, Just like you would do with new software on a windows machine you would reboot the device? In this case to reboot android software you need to sign out of the app then reboot your android device then sign back in and bam! your Scale just pops up and heartbeat monitor on the scale working so fast. So do those steps and if that doesn’t work you have a dud (Meaning its broken)


I’m having the same issue. Hangs at step on scale. As soon as I step on it the Bluetooth icon turns off. It’s also stuck in kg and the display never turns off. Trouble ticket 595989

I am having the exact same issue. Followed the instructions and stuck on the part where it tells me to step on the scale. The display shows KG and when I step on, the bluetooth icon goes away. It will give me a reading in kg but will not do anything else and the display never turns off. (Ticket #598972) I am on an iPhone 11 Pro Max with up to date iOS.

The scale went through a brand new set of batteries in about 18 hours

I am having the exact same issue with my scale. I am using a Pixel 2 .
However the scale connect with my wife’s iPhone.

Is there a specific issue with Pixels ?

Javier Work like a charm … Thank you

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So have you signed out of your android Wyze app? Then turn off your phone completely and then restart your phone? Then after your phone finally finishes restarting, give it 5 min, like mine I have notifications from hell and back. Then go back to the Wyze App Beta! Make sure you have Wyze App Beta installed if not that would be issue number one. Sign back in and that should get the scale to connect back go through the whole connect the scale process, even delete your old scale and just start over as a new scale. Remember this is in Beta and you will loose information while beta testing, If you don’t like this then Beta testing is not your thing.

Facing the same problem, I received the scale yesterday, put the new batteries, followed the instructions to sync with my phone (Oneplus 6T) and it worked just fine, then share it with my wife, she accepted the invite on her Samsung A70, added the scale to the list of products and when trying the scale her screen went black after maybe 3 seconds and sent her to the app main menu indicating that the scale was “Not Connected”. I rebooted the phone, turn Bluetooth on/off, sing out/in, rebooted again, did a manual Bluetooth sync, but still behaves the same way on her phone.

I try on my phone and works like a charm. I can see a lot of people facing similar problems, I opened a ticket (14532) and sent logs and screenshot today, hope we can get this resolved.

Any workaround would be appreciated (In the meantime am registering my wife data on my own phone using the different profile option).

I let the scale sit for a few days without batteries. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still no luck. Also tried using the beta app. All attempts have been made from an iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Also still no reply from support.

Javier, your workaround allowed me to add the scale to app which is great and it is working properly in that respect. Now, unfortunately, I have an upgrade waiting but the app won’t recognized I am connected to the scale even though the little icon on main scale screen shows connected. Hopefully there’s a workaround for that bugaboo as well. Have been happy with Wyze products up until now but this is a bit frustrating to say the least.

I have an idea you can try, get 4 new batteries and start over. Put the scale on a flat surface then press it once and let it go. Then weigh yourself then get off. Then try connecting after that.

Tried with two separate iPhones. No luck.

Just an update for my problem. It appears the most recent app update has fixed my issue. The scale now connect with the phone.

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