New wyze plug set up not working

Unable to set up new Wyze plug. On 2.4G wifi and followed all the instructions. Repeated fail. Any help or direction to another feed?

What step did you get stuck on?

Having the same exact problem just got these in the mail today tried two different plugs into different outlets connected to 2.4 gigahertz Network tried both plugging it in and seeing the light blink rapidly and pressing and holding the button and seeing the light blink rapidly I’ve tried resetting the app clearing the data and cache and restarting the phone no joy the only thing I haven’t tried is shortening my Wi-Fi network which is 25 characters I would hate to think if that’s the issue

Just received a Wyze Plug 2 pack. Had the same problem. I have set up all other products, so I am not new to this. Both Plugs fail the same. Light flashing, cellphone connected to wyze plug wifi, timer times out awaiting connection. Perhaps the instructions in the app is wrong???

Solution found. My router is a dual band and my phone frequently automatically chooses the 2.4G over the 5.0G. I was trying to use the guest 2.4G network. When I switched back to the regular network (and I confirmed my phone was on the 2.4G band by opening up my router settings) it worked slick as a whistle. I guess I was making it too hard.


Glad to hear you got it working. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Though i do have guest wifi, I verified I’m connecting only to the main WiFi

I actually received my plugs today and followed the directions step by step and it connected in a few seconds. I didn’t have to push the on/off button. Mine started flashing as soon as I plugged it in the wall. After I finished step 4, I had to hit the back arrow button so it would take me to the Wyze app. Then I saw the counter counting down and it connected very quickly. I named the plug and updated the firmware. The whole process was under 2 minutes.

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Oh I’m familiar with how great wyze products are I think they’re awesome that’s why this is so unusual I’ve never had this issue before
I just verified that my mobile data is turned off as well still won’t connect

Did you try these items:

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2.4 gigahertz main Network
16 ft from the
Mobile data turned
App cache and app data cleared
Two different outlets tried both under 20 feet from the
Two different wise plugs tried
No Mac filtering active on the router and yes I am familiar with this it is something I normally use

Appreciate the suggestions I am familiar with troubleshooting which is why this is leaving me scratching my head so I’m listing all the things I’ve tried

Just to be complete, you didn’t mention a sufficient range of DHCP network addresses being available.

Are you using the new Android app release v2.5.30 or the v2.5.28?

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I’m having the same issue. I’m using a Plume Mesh network and I had no issues setting up my Wyze cam, bridge, or sensors with it. I’m unable to manually switch my phone to 2.4ghz only but I’ve downloaded a couple apps that supposedly let me connect to specific channels. I’ve done that and connected to a 2.4ghz specific channel and I’m still not getting any connectivity with the plug.

we had someone the other day that had a plume system and couldn’t connect. do you have any extra “IOT protection” enabled on it?

here is what happened to the other person and what the cause was.


You’re a freaking genius, I don’t care what anyone else might say ;). I’m guessing those features were enabled by default but somehow didn’t interfere with setup on my other Wyze products over the last year or one of Plume’s recent updates made things stricter. 30 seconds after turning those off I was connected to the plug and updating firmware. I’ll submit a ticket to Plume in the morning to let them know about this issue & resolution to see if they can figure something out on their end so people don’t have to turn settings off just to connect IoT devices.


I’m just glad you got it working! :slight_smile:
and usually they say im the “SD Card nerd” per most of the Mavens lol which I wont fight, it could be worse


I’m having trouble as well…two brand new plugs and can’t get them to connect. Turned off MAC filtering, still no luck. Entered both MACs in DNSMASQ with assigned IPs, MACs show up on router but the setup never completes.

Using DD-WRT on my router.

I’ve tried adding the plugs when my iPad is connected to my guest network, which has no MAC restrictions, but it never connects. I don’t see that the plug ever gets an IP address on either my main home network nor my guest network. Plenty of IP addresses available on both.

Should probably mention I have two Wyze Cams working on my network, but don’t know if that’s relevant.

Oddly, enough my plug connected to my dual band Google WiFi without jumping through the hoops I had to with the bulbs. No idea why it was different.

After many tries, I got one plug to connect with my Samsung S7 cellphone., not the other. I decided to try it on my iPad. Worked the first time. Go figure!!. By the way, I tried turning off cell data on my S7 by using “Airplane Mode”. No luck there either. (Same router, 2.4G Wifi etc.