New wyze-lamp-socket

Anyone know if the lamp socket will work on 240 volts?

Good information. Thanks
Do you have the dimensions of the Wyze lamp socket? I want to make sure that this will fit into my lamp socket.
Also since it connects to a V3 by USB port, can it be used with a V2?
Can you also explain how to use a Wyze cam to control the light bulb?

I do know it cannot be used with a v2

Does anyone know if there would be any problems using the socket in a floodlight fixture that is under an eave? Tia.

All the Wyze camera AC DC power adapters work with 100 to 240 volts. Does anyone know if the lamp socket will also work on a 240 volt supply?

The light socket increases the height of the bulb about 1-5/8", and the diameter is 2-3/8" (about the diameter of a bulb).


The light socket becomes an accessory to the controlling cam V3 it powers. So it operates the same as a Spotlight accessory, from the V3 accessories menu. This is why it can’t be used with a V2 – a V2 can’t control external light accessories.

No problem. The socket is rated for damp locations from at least -4°F to 120°F. (I’d guess further)

It will not. All Wyze bulbs and now this socket are rated for 120V/60Hz.

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Thanks Newshound. Sounds good

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Is the power cord included with the socket the only power cord that will work? I installed 2 sockets and 1 V3. Everything worked fine, but the cord that came with the socket is too short for where I need to install the V3. I shut everything down properly in the app, replaced the “socket cord” with a V3 power cord, and now the V3 works, but the app is not picking up the sockets. What gives?! I tried the setup several times to include deleting the V3, removing the 2 sockets, and starting all over. No luck!

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The power cord that comes with the socket is special in that it is a data cable, not just a power cable. The V3 AC adapter cords are only power cables. You need the data lines to control the socket.

Good news is any data cable with the correct connectors will do.

So what you’re telling me is that the original V3 power cord won’t work and I’m screwed on where I can install the camera in relation to the socket? That makes no sense.

The socket comes with the required cable. If you want to extend that, then you need to buy a cable that suits your specific needs. Just make sure it is a data cable with the proper connectors. :slight_smile:

But I’m using a cable from Wyze. Wyze doesn’t sell a “data” cable. I shouldn’t have to buy a 3rd-party “data” cable either.

The V3 does not require a data cable to get power from the AC adapter, so they ship a power-only cable to keep costs down. The socket includes the cable it requires.

Again, makes no sense. Everything I see on here talks about WiFi and Bluetooth. There should be no need for data to stream across a cable. Highly disappointing design flaw.

The socket is accessory and there have been plenty of locations that report it as a being serially connected. That means data is required. I agree it stinks that a “special” cable is needed. Although, it’s not unexpected.

Can you use Alexa to turn on the light that is in the socket? I know you can do it through the v3 camera in the Wyze app but that is kind of a pain to now turn on a light.

I haven’t been able to find a way to do this either. But I’d love to hear if anyone else has an option. Seems like it should be a moderately easy thing for Wyze to add to the Cam 3 software, along with motion and sound detection buttons.

Is it possible to control the Cam Spotlight independently of the bulb to which the socket is attached? i.e. can I set the bulb for dusk to dawn, and the spotlight for motion detection?

I have an nonessential v3 camera powered by the wyze bulb socket. The v3 is on the “edge” of my WiFi range and works 98%of the time. Occasionally it loses WiFi and the reconnects with a outages ranging between 5 to 10 minutes.

My issue is that when it automatically reconnects to the WiFi, the blub sockets default to “on”.
I would prefer the bulb sockets default to “off” or be able to configure the default.

Also it would be nice if the bulb sockets would work like the Ac plugs and be have “turn of after on for 5 mins”

Did you get the Wyze Lamp Socket and the Wyze Spotlight to work on the same Wyze Cam V3? I can’t get mine to connect to both at the same time. Is there a trick to get them to both work?

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