New Wyze Band notification issues

Is anyone else having issues getting the phone calls and text messages notifications permissions to turn on? Everytime I try to turn then on, I get a message saying… These permissions will be turned on when Google play grants permission.
It’s funny, I have gone through as much as I can find and every thing else will turn on.
I am using Samsung Galaxy s8+ with latest Android version, it’s just phone calls and text messages that will not turn on. I have tried auto and manual setup and nada.


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Hi, @Whiteseltom! See my post below on this notification issue.

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Ok, my question for you now is… If I switch to the beta version, how much messing around do I have to do with the rest of the gear I have? How do u switch and why the hell would Wyze put a product out that isn’t 100%? I read someone with a s10+ just went in and turned everything on manually and it worked, but that’s not the case for me.

To access the Android Beta app, go to the Google play store and search for Wyze labs, scroll down a bit and tap on join the Beta. Then you can update to the latest Beta App. You can switch back to the production app anytime.

After you install the Beta app tap Band notifications in the Wyze app and allow the notifications you want to send to the Wyze Band. You should be set!

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Hey StopICU33, I went ahead and switched and it’s working so far. Thanks for the help.

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You’re welcome glad to help! :slightly_smiling_face: