New use for old Wyze V2 that you replaced with updated V3 cameras

Interesting! I hadn’t heard that.

I had a wet spot in my attic where a leaky roof showed its colors until we patched it. So, I put a couple of spare V2’s there and as if Murphy was at work, no mo wet spots because I can watch when it rains.

Also, I didn’t replace two V2’s, I simply added two V3’s. now, I have layered coverage. if either acts up or funky, I look at the other one. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s like the know they other is on duty, because neither one has had a single hiccup since.

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In your mailbox? Wow, that’s really clever. I can’t do that. But I have one of those newspaper delivery tubes. Sort of long and square, not round. I put one of the motion sensors inside it at the closed end. Took several placements to find the optimal spot. But now, I get a daily alert when my newspaper person slides the newspaper inside. Very cool. Works every time too. No false positives after I got it at the far end, facing the other side with a slight angle away from the opening. Wish I had thought of this years ago.

Are those different SSIDs between work and home? Since you control the one at home, you could make it match the one at work and use the same passphase.

My mom was always going between her apartment and my sister’s house with her ipad mini and phone. She complained having to manually reconnect each place. (Why auto connect wasn’t working, I don’t know.) I asked my sister to change her stuff to match mom’s apartment wifi and solved the problem for both places. now the devices don’t know they move or are a different places.

Why complicate things? That’s what sharing is for.

I control the WiFi at work too, so one of the SSIDs at work matches my 2.4 GHz IoT SSID at home. I also have our normal SSID at work matched with one of the SSIDs at home so my work laptop always connects to the work WiFi even when I’m at home. I have the advantage that I am not using consumer grade WiFi at either home or work.

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Hmmm. Maybe I should have a back-up V2 camera for my Sump Pump V2. Good thinking!

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I’m thinking of pointing my old 2’s at my new flower farm rows that are a 35 minute drive away. I have power and internet, so why not look to see if I need to come clean up after a wind storm, up the irrigation, check on seedlings :seedling:, bring some extra tool etc.

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If you do, please post some pix and videos captured by the V2. It would be interesting to see time-lapse or just weekly updates on “how your garden grows.” Mary, mary, quite contrary.

How far is 35 minutes away? Can a V2 see that far? LOL

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With the new Wyze V2 Signal Booster (now in testing), camera range is up to 50 miles! :grin:

No, the poster said said they had electricity and internet at the farm. I’m looking forward to seeing some Wyze time lapse of flowers. Calming. Peaceful.

However, the V3’s indoor/outdoor, color night time vision capabilities might really be cool, too! Hopefully Wyze will open sales soon.

LOL. Ohhh those v2’s are good.