New unhappy customer, new kit

I JUST received my Wyze Starter Kit and it stinks!!! As I’m reading through the posts here in this forum… It seems I’m having the same issue as 99% of the people here with connectivity, the bridge and the sensors/motion camera, etc.! I am livid! I’ve done everything that was required of me, per the YouTube videos and the troubleshooting with the Wyze troubleshooting section… And nothing works! I am highly disappointed! Very unhappy!

I’ve sent in two trouble tickets… I have zero confidence that they will be helpful! I am so upset right now…
This seems to be a common issue with the customers here… What a terrible way to run a business!

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Hello @GymJammer and welcome to the community

What issues are you having maybe some here can also help you, I am running most of their products and have very few issues.

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If you just received the products - SEND IT BACK FOR A REFUND! Don’t expect it to ever work correctly and don’t think that Wyze will stand behind their products. I have a box of dead units that Wyze wil NOT do anything about - Well they do ignore my repeated support emails.

Really? Nothing works? I complain a lot but my cameras do "mostly* work, at least for on demand viewing after a few retries. (Events, SD card, sustained settings, and other features not so much.)

Yep … really

I find that opposite of my experience with a dead Motion Sensor out of the box. One call and it was replaced. No muss, no fuss, the way customer service ought to be.