New to wyze? overall experience with wyze products?

This is mine - lots of trees to block out!

Motion is only detected on the bottom right corner - all the rest is ignored. You don’t need to have all the active squares joined together, you can black out any square on the screen. The whole screen is still recorded but motion in a blacked out square is ignored.

I hope that helps.

My gosh, of course. I frankly hadn’t yet realized what detection zones were really for. Thank you! I have some terrific footage of a flying moth too. It’s actually pretty cool the way it flew, although not essential to my needs. lol.

I have spiders crawling over the lens- they look really large!!

I’m glad I was of some help to you - I’m still a beginner so I don’t know very much … Mainly trial and error on my part.

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Wyze has become a TOTAL Disappointment.
I was an early adopter have MANY wyze devices
Unfortunately they seldom perform well But what is worse
is Wyze’s Attitude to customer care Somehow last year I
inadvertently signed up for Home monitoring. Which I did
not even know I had. No devices were registered and no notifications
were receive that I should register the device or even How to register
a camera. Needless to say I was later billed for use only a small amount
I think 9 dollars or so. After repeated calls to Wyze they would not credit
my account for service that I was unaware of and had not used. NOR did Wyze
notify me that I even had a subscription or how to use it, MY Fault for expecting
a company to be understanding , My Mistake I have dealt with it.
A small amount but I will NEVER buy or recommend WYZE to anyone.
Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice Shame on me.

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Make sure you register a complaint with the FTC. Complaining about Wyze’s practices in their own forums will never result in any kind of change.

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I must admit that the Wyze app ( on my android phone) is annoying with respect to the Home Monitoring. The button for the Home Monitoring is placed directly above the Android home button and I often hit the Home Monitoring button when I wanted to hit the home button.

I would like to give the Wyze team the benefit of the doubt but it does seem to me that they placed the Home Monitoring button next to the home button on purpose ( possibly hoping that it increases their sales of Home Monitoring)

… Or maybe I am just getting cynical in my old age!!

Thanks for the advice
But it is really not worth the time and effort
They started ot Great but now have succumbed
to typical corporate BS The more people find out
it is just a matter of time for them to implode

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I doubt Wyze will go out of business any time soon, especially if no one reports their activities to the appropriate government agencies. They are still taking in a lot of investment money. I’m just finding ways to keep using the hardware without needing Wyze’s support because talking to Wyze IS a waste of time and effort.

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All app developers play this game of putting links in places that are more likely to attract taps/clicks. They don’t care if they are intentional or not, whatever gets them more eyeballs.

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I started with Wyze because of promises of reasonable prices and on going support. I have 5 useless camera’s unless I pay for each as a subscription. The color bulbs were promised to have scheduling for scenes, never happened. My hand held vac is a useless toy. I now have moved on to Eufy. Good luck everybody.

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I too believed in WYZE Now I find I cannot access ANY of my devices
What a shame. Definitely would NEVER recommend Wyze EVER!
Fool me Once shame ON YOU!

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I think that I am one of the lucky ones - I only have 4 WyzeCams (V3) and mostly they are behaving themselves.

I have had problems - the good old Error 09 ( which I notice Wyze have renamed without the 09 bit on the error message, in fact it no longer has a code number! I sorted this (mostly) by installing a mesh WiFi system and placing the mesh APs near each camera.

I have had SD cards completely wrecked in the cameras (3 cards useless out of 4) which I sorted by putting “High Endurance” SanDisk cards in them.

My main problem is the variability in the speed that notifications arrive after an event - sometimes it takes 1 or 2 seconds and other times it can take 30 seconds.

I pay for CamPlus every month and quickly realised that the “AI” filters are not very reliable so I just switched them off and get notified of every motion event and I review all the event footage using good old “Human Intelligence”. The Cam Plus is only useful for me because it avoids the cool down period.

Overall, they do what I need them to do - but they are not “hands-off” bits of equipment.

And of course it could all change with the next app or firmware update!

I have lots of Wyze products and 5 cam plus subscriptions. I could monitor 4 cams for 72 hours without a hiccup but the second I am expecting company, packages or like now a cat got out and I need the cameras they all go offline or I have to restart them nonstop. For the price they are good for many things but if you need something you can depend on I’d advise investing that few hundred dollars + monthly subscriptions elsewhere. I had hoped things would improve but I’ve been waiting through 3 versions of cameras and 4 years for it to do so.

The outdoor plug and color bulbs work pretty much flawlessly unless Wyze’s network is down. The v3s are 90% stable but that 10% always seems to happen when I actually need it.

Have you explored a DVR which hooks up to the cloud? Sorry I don’t think it’s DVR but I can’t think of the term. If you have, how did that work out?