New to wyze? overall experience with wyze products?

POE: Power Over Ethernet. Allows you to run an Ethernet cable to a location, add an Adapter to separate power from Data. I did this to prepare for the future.

I would definitely put an SD Card in each camera and either turn on Event Recording or Continuous. This will is not subject to the 12 seconds of record time nor the 5 minute cool down which you have without CamPlus. Adding CamPlus will still allow the SD Card to perform as expected - redundancy, but then the camera will store the event in the cloud for the duration of the event. In addition, there is no cool down either - which is a necessity if you want to use it as a Security Camera.

If I can ask the following as the going off-line is not the norm for me:

  • What OS are you using - iOS or Android
  • what is the version of the Wyze App being used
  • What is the Firmware version of the Wyze v3 Cams you have
  • how frequently doe sit go offline

Would like to try to resolve this for you.

Camera Firmware version can be found by launching the camera, going to the Gear (setting) in the top right,go to Device Info, the note the Firmware being use.

Also, what type of router are you using? This information would be helpful to try and determine why it is going offline.

As with everything, wired is normally better than Wireless. Wyze only allows Wireless and the NVR would be Wired - normally.

SD Card is not needed. It will always record to the cloud. Without CamPlus it will only send 12 seconds per event to the cloud and a 5 minute cool down. With CamPlus, there is no cool down or 12 second limit.

This is one of the short comings of trying to view the SD Card via the app. You can remove it and use a computer to search. However, I primarily do Event only and then I can simply hit the right or left arrow to get to the previous or next event. A little more risky as continuous would ensure you capture an event which may be missed.

Wyze is actually working on a Camera Dashboard. Not ready for release and still waiting to see if I can beta it when it is live. However, you can try TinyCam or TinyCam pro - that seems to work for individuals. I use TinyCam without issues. Sometimes there is a pause or it needs to reestablish connection. But better than using the phone to try and see something.

Join in :slight_smile: , this is a community effort and helping individuals should be what this is about. @mla is asking valid questions and opinions. Lets be supportive and provide what is needed and being asked. I for one, like to lay it all out and provide the necessary support when needed. I am sure @mla will make the decision which is correct for them.

Before investing anymore $$'s into Wyze. Why don’t you buy a Ring Spotlight Cam (Deals popup at I have replaced the 2 Wyze Cam Outdoor with Ring Spotlight Cam Solar. 60 day video storage on Ring Cloud with Plus Plan ($100yr for all devices). I had issues from day 1 with Wyze Base Station with signal strength (Access Point is 10ft from Base Station) and Base Station to Cam Outdoor 15ft at 1 -2bars. Good Luck.

Good point. I would not recommend the Wyze Cam Outdoor. I would recommend the Wyze Cam v3, which is why I was specific in my information. That is a good point though. If @mla is looking for a Wire Free device, battery operated then the only option would be the Wyze Cam Outdoor - I have 2 of these and have recently replaced them with v3’s. I still have one up in an area where it is hard to get power. There are some concerns and issues which Wyze has been addressing, but cannot say it should be your sole security camera, or even designate it as a security camea.

As I said earlier, and not discounting how long it has been or your experience with Ring, but I went through 3 cameras from Ring because of different issue, one of which is the Black screen when you try to stream items. My recommendation in this case would be the Eufy Cams. The Battery Life is amazing and they all work locally with a base station to store all events. But given my current experience with Wyze and the v3 specifically, I would consider this if wired is available.

@mla, if you were talking about the Wyze Outdoor Cam (battery), then I can provide how to set them up. But I would be willing to provide my experience with those as well, if you would like.

Really apprec. your help. I use IOS. Version of app is v.2.24.23. Version of camera firmware is That’s … I don’t know. Don’t know how to tell. Sorry. Goes offline usually every time I look at it. It will try to connect, then it says force close app and power cycle, or it will give error code 90 and i restart over and over and eventually it works or in one case, never came back online and a few days later came back on by itself. Have to say my VOIP phone was also having bad performance recently and VOIP provider did a test and said internet was unstable. But since I restarted the router a few times I am not hearing about bad phone reception anymore from my callers. Have not done VOIP test again. What kind of router? It says Arris Surfboard. Dk if that’s enough. thanks.

Ring Solar cam has to connect to wifi like my Wyze cams, right? I ask b/c I want a cam to put out at front gate but it’s too far away from my wifi to pick it up.

It is, let me research some things and get back to you…

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Yes, they should work over WiFi. How far is your Gate?

Is it possible to change your Router to a newer Mesh type? Who is your provider, as they may require you to use their router.

Here is a couple of things I would do. I am assuming you can physically unplug the power from your devices, correct? If so, do this:

  1. Start the Wyze iOS App
  2. Go to Account
  3. Go to App Settings
  4. Select Clear on Cache Files
  5. back out and shut the app down
  6. Unplug the Camera’s one at a time. Basically unplug the power for 5 seconds and plug it back in - for all camera’s.
  7. After about 2 minutes or so, enough time for all of the Cameras to come up and connect, start the app and see if you can connect to each camera. The Device thumb nails wont be there until you start the cameras.

Also, here are my settings for the Wyze App. Something to check.

It very well may be your router or a network issue. I went through 2 different routers before things stabilized on my network. I was having sporadic issues especially when events were occurring and I wanted to see the live stream. Since switching to a new Router, my issues have went away. Plus it covers greater distances. I have read articles and even have proven with my testing, turning on Trend Micro on the Router caused an issue for me and others. You can always go into the router and turn it off to see if things improve as well.

A few things to check and/or Try.

I have my own router. Provider is comcast. I’ve heard of mesh but dk much about it. Bought this router perhaps 4 yrs ago. The solar cam requires wifi, right? my wifi only reaches halfway down the driveway which is maybe 50 yds long (guessing).

Yea, WiFi would be required. A Mesh Network could reach out there. Some are expensive and some are cheaper, I went mid-lined on my last set and have been impressed.

I would do the steps I provided first and see if things work and stabilize. If you have TrendMicro on the Router, turn it off and see if that helps.

If you are interested in changing routers and want to do Mesh, I purchased the Asus AX (XT8) Mesh.

Thanks! I will try these settings & this power cycling thing. Not sure what trend micro is so I would guess I must not have it. So if the procedure doesn’t help, you’d try out a new router or two?

One other question, do you use motion sensor lights near your cameras and do these work fine with the cams (i.e. they don’t mess up the visuals)?

gate is about 200 ft I’m told, maybe a little more. you think mesh might reach?

I have a motion sensor on my driveway to turn on the lights outside. No interference with the Camera’s. you can also trigger the camera or cameras to do a recording when motion is sensed.

Trend Micro is an Anti Virus program which some routers have integrated into their systems. I turned it off to see and my issues cleared. I then turned them on one by one to see if issues occurred, I then have determined which option to leave off.

As for the router, I was saying I replaced mine and went through 2 of them. I had the TPLink Deco P7 first, then the TPLink Dco x60, which is a WiFi 6 and better Router. Both had issues. The ASS has been working solidly for me.

Here is a corny YouTube video of the setup I have in a 25,000 sqft mansion. He added 2 additional Nodes, I believe. Just something for reference, ignore his jokes.

Based on this, I believe it will reach down the driveway, but not 100& sure. I do know that I can go 2 to 3 houses away and still get coverage which, I am sure, exceeds the 200’

One other thing, if you want, you could try the beta App and FW for the V3 camera’s. This is a little risky as it is a beta release which some of us test and provide feedback. I have been running the beta releases for sometime with minimal issues, where others have had major issues. So you shouldn’t enter into this lightly. But I like the challenge and seeing what is coming.

If you want to do this, then go here: Become a Beta Tester

After you get through this process, then you will want to ensure you are signed up for the devices you wish to test the Beta Firmware for. I always select all.

To get the beta Firmware, you signup by starting the beta app, go to Account menu, select the About option, then select Beta Program. At the Top right you will see Edit, tap on that and then check the boxes next to the devices you wish to test the Beta Firmware for. Click save.

Then back out and go to Firmware Update and see what appears. Sometimes you have to go to the Home Menu and start Live Streaming the device, you may be prompted there if there is a Firmware update or go to the settings for the Device, then Device Info, the Firmware to see if there is an update.

Only do this if you feel comfortable enough to test the Beta releases of the APp and Firmware.

'that’s awesome, thx, I will try all these things since I want my cams to work and I want a cam down the drive anyway (and my cams are offline now). Interesting video, not sure I can ignore the jokes tho. haha. @cohibajoe I still need an outdoor cam so do you know if one can buy a ring cam outdoor solar and hook it up w/ ring to save to cloud or does that cost $100/yr? thanks so much folks.

Please note, I have the 2 Pack, In the video, he had 4 I believe. Do your research as they are not the cheapest devices, but they do work for me. Just make sure you do your research. A lot of YouTube video’s on them,

I am relatively new to Wyze and have had some teething problems but overall my four WyzeCam V3s are working ok but they are not really “fit and forget” items.

I sorted most of the problems by adding a mesh WiFi to my existing router. I used a Mercusys Halo system with three units which I placed near the cameras and most of my connection issues were solved - it seems that the cameras benefit from a really strong WiFi connection.

My main issue is to do with a lack of one particular feature - why is there not a rule you allow me to schedule when night vision comes on? I have 940nm IR illuminators which give me excellent black and white videos at night but I have to manually switch each camera to night vision every evening and then switch back to Auto setting every morning.

I cannot rely on the Auto setting to work at night as there are several street lights that produce just enough illumination to switch back to colour mode. The street lights cast shadows which the cameras cannot handle and nothing can be seen in these dark areas. The illuminators are placed to light up the shadows but the Auto setting keeps switching back to daylight mode due to the street lights.

All I want is to be able to switch to night vision at a particular time and then switch off night vision the next morning. It is obviously not a priority for the people at Wyze as I see lots of rules that do stuff like triggers and location based stuff but nothing that would do what I have described … it cannot be that difficult for Wyze to allow scheduling of when night vision is switched on and off.

Good to know re mesh. Wish I had advice re night vision. Separately, how do you avoid getting hours of footage of waving branches or flitting moths?

On the V3 cameras go to each camera’s settings and tap the “detection zone” - in that section you can switch the detection zone on with the arrow to the right. Then tap on the words “detection zone” and you will see the image from the camera with a grid over the whole image. Tap each square on the grid to turn it black and that part of the screen will not detect movement. Tap all the squares that have the branches in them and they will not be detected. The camera needs to be switched on to set the zone (I think!)