New to wyze? overall experience with wyze products?

I’m curious about others overall experience with Wyze and whether you would continue to buy Wyze products. Here’s my experience:

I own Wyze (1) scale, (2) home monitoring system (door sensors, motion) and (3) outdoor cameras.

Wyze products are inexpensive compared to competitors and are very well-constructed. However, none of the products performs consistently as it should. My scale routinely fails to connect to the Wyze App and fails to record data. My cameras consistently fail to record “events” (people passing in view). I can correct all these failings by rebooting, etc., but it gets very tiring. The failure of my security cameras to capture basic images renders them virtually useless.

CONCLUSION: If low cost is your primary goal, Wyze is the unquestionable choice. But if you want products that work consistently and are maintenance-free, choose another brand. If you can afford to pay more, you should absolutely choose another option. For home security, the inconsistent performance of Wyze cameras makes them wholly unsuited for the job.

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Overall, I have minimal issues with Wyze products. I wouldn’t rate them as consumer level though or as a security rated. They require some level of technical knowledge and just exploration to understand and use most of the time (Thermostat, I’m looking at you!).

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I have two outdoor cams (one is a replacement because the first was causing trouble) and one V2 cam (v3 wasn’t yet available). All of them are about 6 months old.

Both outdoor cams are not functioning right. This is a recent problem I’m trying to solve.

Tech help has been overall pretty poor. It takes days to get a reply and then I get a canned answer to charge the camera, turn it off, etc. Very basic suggestions and I’ve usually mentioned that I have done these things when I report a problem. I reply that I’ve done that already and 2 days later they ask me to assess a person’s help, sometimes even a name I haven’t heard from. And I still don’t have a reply to my response! On facebook they are incredibly nice but just say that someone will help me, and nobody does.
Tech help took a 3 day vacation over the holiday. For someone dealing with a serious security issue, this was appalling.

The website consistently since December does not acknowledge that I am a cam plus subscriber - yes I am logged in, yes I have used different browsers, yes I have tried incognito browsers, etc, and I cannot get the member pricing on items. Tech help doesn’t care, takes days to answer requests for help, and I just give up on ordering items as a result. Their only solution is for me to order at regular price and they will refund me the difference. I’m skeptical.

On the plus side: cams alert me much faster than Ring (which had a 2 minute delay!!), and the community forum is far more helpful and kind!
I’ve figured out how to upload videos and photos for a documenting task I need to do.
Cam quality is pretty good.
I agree with Vaaish that you need some level of technical knowledge and also you need the forums for real help.

I do not consider any of the cams as security cameras. They are not reliable enough.

I also had a WCO replaced, for battery issues. They are probably reliable for monitoring a narrow area, with no regular traffic, that extends no more than 25 feet away. The replacement discharges 25% a week so did not resolve the problem. In cold weather, the batteries on both were discharging erratically.

I am considering a V3 for outdoors just to see if it can cover more area PLUS I am getting tired of recharging the WCO batteries every 4 weeks.

My V2 points through a window. It is hit and miss picking up movement beyond 30 feet. It has person detection, which isn’t that consistent.

My first generation sensors have been staying connected recently. They were disconnecting on a regular basis not too long ago. Same with my Bulbs.

My Band is OK. I had to stop wearing it to bed, so forget to put it back on often. The Do Not Disturb option does not work, so almost any movement and it lights up.

The scale is a good price if just used as a scale. The other measurements are estimates, and can sometimes not seem consistent. I lost weight, working out and on keto. The scale showed higher fat and less core. I can have a carb day and the readings show lower fat, higher core???

Someone told me to not do the camera from behind a window, I put it outside on the windowsill and it improved detection and everything a lot.

Cameras are pretty reliable for remote viewing and basic notification on detection of motion or sound. Person detection is terrible. Cam plus isn’t worth the cost.

The Wyze plugs and bulbs are GARBAGE. They fall off Wifi all the time and half the time they won’t rejoin the wifi even if you delete them and add try to add them back. I’ve got piles of plugs and bulbs from RMA and they don’t work.

Wyze Sense is complete garbage. Avoid it at all costs. Wyze utterly fell on its face with the version 1 Wyze Sense gear and are trying to abandon it as hard and fast as possible with no recourse to customers who own this defective stuff other than to buy new v2 sensors and subscribe to their home monitoring service. One of the ugliest bait and switch schemes I’ve seen in a long time.

Wyze support is awful. Their level 1 support has minimal technical knowledge and their support script is tone deaf. I can’t tell if I am talking to actual humans or chat bots - I suspect chat bots because their responses often indicate what I said is not actually read and understood. The Wyze support script goes like this: 1. Try power cycling everything you own. 2. Delete and re-create all of your rules. 3. Delete devices from your account and try to re-add them. 4. Send RMA replacement devices with the same defects. 5. Repeat the cycle all over again when you contact support because the replacement devices have the same problem.

I regret all fifteen of my Wyze orders and would return it all for refund if they’d let me but they don’t do refunds unless you figure out within 30 days that their stuff is trash. My mistake was giving Wyze the benefit of the doubt that they would improve, but they haven’t, ao, I am stuck in a cycle of death by RMA.

I’ll just keep doing RMA returns until the sun burns out I guess.

edit: I almost forgot how fun the are the frequent back end outages where nothing works or the delayed notifications and actions so you have lights turning themselves off and on in response to motion or contact sensor activities that are hours and hours old.

I bought into Wyze with the expectation of getting hobbyist level performance and they can’t even manage that.

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this helps, as I was wondering why tech help was so so bad. I get those exact same recommendations even though I specifically say I’ve power cycled (cant they use regular terms?) multiple times, etc.
I hate to be down on a company that is doing really innovative and inexpensive products - I want to like them. I just think I’m better off going with researching a new company and product.

Yes, but I live in a condo so can not mount cameras on the building. I can mount them inside the deck area. The only way to directly monitor my vehicles is from inside and through a window.

I ordered a V3 today. I believe I have a viable way to run power to it. Every few years they power wash the building, including the deck areas.