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Welcome to the forums! What app version are you on? Have you cleared your app cache since this started? Uninstalled, reinstalled app? What trouble shooting have you done?

It’s best to say the actual firmware number or app number, as there are different versions of the app (ios? Android? Beta? Production?) And saying “up to date” doesn’t help the troubleshooting process now, and in the future when folks read this looking for help. I believe this is an app issue, not a product or firmware issue that your having.

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Thank you for your help. I reinstalled the app and that appears to have fixed the issue of the “agree” to new terms button appearing each time I started the app.

I was using Android 11, Wyze app version 2.13.119, firmware version, which said it was the latest version. I had tried clearing the cache, but that didn’t fix it. I was hesitant to reinstall the app for fear of losing the settings, but they carried over. The new app version is 2.17.7.

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In between your old app version and now, the way the app handles in app messaging changed, and I think the old version glitches when popups are sent. My guess anyway.

And that’s a good reason to say the firmware version there, because I don’t think anyone would of guessed that you were on the RTSP firmware. That version of firmware was created, but isn’t in active development.

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