New RTSP Binaries for Beta Testing

The .49 firmware fixed the SD card slot on two of my Wyze Cam V2’s.

I have two V2 with exactly the same SD card (same brand, same size, same manufacturing batch). With .41 firmware, one of my V2 doesn’t recognize SD card while working, but it can be updated using that SD card. The other one randomly shows Error 90, and stuck on formatting SD.

After updating to .49, both V2 recognize SD card, and they can format SD without any problem.

I’m using Synology Surveillance Station. Connection is solid. The only problem is RTSP stopped working right after firmware update, and I had to turn off RTSP for a while and turn it back on. After that, everything started working again.

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Hello All,
I have seen mention of a “.50” and a “,51” firmware revision, however, I see no link nor URL for its download location - only “.49” is available! Are there really updates to the RTSP firmware for the V2 and PanCam, if so, where can I download the, from?

I’ll create a new posting to ask about some strange behavior with my PanCam running “.49” RTSP firmware in comparison to my V2’s running the same level and not exhibiting the same issues!