New Product - Wyze Watch

Create a more advanced version of the wyze band with more features to make it like a full fledged smartwatch. Bigger OLED screen, NFC, maybe GPS, pulse ox sensor, altimeter for tracking stairs, receive/answer phone calls with a built-in speaker, text with automated replies through watch, maybe BP monitoring and try to keep a week long battery life. Something that is comparable to a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Apple watch.

This would be in addition to having the wyze band in their lineup of products.

I would love a more advance version of the Wyze Band!

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The more I use my Wyze Band the more I’d like a larger screen and full function watch like the one already being suggested. Why not go for a full feature competitor to the iWatch. I constantly wish the Band screen would be larger when looking at notifications since I have to keep scrolling to read them, a larger screen would allow you to read. OST notifications without scrolling. All the other features the original poster stated would be great. Make/receive calls, respond to texts, etc…

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Also make sure that it can connect to Google Assistant in addition to Alexa.


I was wondering if the hardware would support blood pressure monitoring? I notice some other entry-level products have this function and was wondering if it could be implemented on the Wyze Band?


hey wyze you need to make wyze band with a little speaker so you can talk on the phone with it or so that alexa can talk to you

Are you looking for them to make a more advanced band like a watch or a basic wyze band V2?

yes like your origional post

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when do you think this will comeout

It was tagged maybe later so I don’t think it will be anytime soon.

ok we can only hope

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I am ready to add this to my cart for purchase when pre-order is available! :crossed_fingers::grinning: