New Product - Smart LED Landscape Lighting

I keep waiting on products I want to be at the right price and the right application. Landscape lighting is one of those products I’m waiting for. Hue has developed their outdoor smart led lighting, but it is way overpriced IMHO. I love the wyze products I have and the customer support. As customers wait for wyze to continue to deliver reasonably priced exceptional products, we can only wait so long. I think getting in while Philips Hue is the only player would be great. I want multi-color LED landscape lighting to assist me in not only increasing the exterior lighting for security reasons and general aesthetic reasons, but also seasonal decorating reasons. The only competition to Philips are generic LED lights that have remotes rather than wifi controlled to connect to Alexa, Google, or IFTTT. With Wyze entering the Smart bulb arena, outdoor landscape lighting is within reason i would like to think. Thanks Wyze and looking forward to all the other great products of the future.

I would also like to see some outdoor lighting options from wyze. It would be great to be able to control each light’s color and brightness individually as well.

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Bumping this to the top now that smart lighting is a little more popular. Anyone else want this like I do? A well done system can increase curb appeal, home value, safety and security. Would love to see an offering from Wyze.


Would love to see some landscape lighting such as pathlights that are motion sensing. Could go a long way to help really pinpoint the motion detection for other devices, or be linked to turn on when other devices detect motion as well.

Either solar or battery operated (so long as you can use the rechargeable batteries) would be great!