New product request- Smart Thermostat

I’d like to see Wyze develop a smart thermostat. Here’s why.

I bought a Nest Thermostat a couple years ago. I’ve already had to replace it twice. I bought it because I wanted it to be a part of my smart home. It worked with IFTTT and Alexa. Now, Google has bought them out and the first thing they did was take away IFTTT and Alexa links. So, we need something that will work with anything! If you’ll check the Google Nest facebook page, there are THOUSANDS of complaints already about them taking away this integration.

Make a smart thermostat that is cheap, but reliable, works well with all home automation platforms, and is user-friendly!

And I bought a ecobee3 about 8 months ago . Solid performance with great service for the odd dumb question I have thrown at them. Costco had them for 199 CDN back then and it included 2 room sensors. I can reset from anywhere in the world or by voice anywhere in the house. Wyze appears to be coming out with some smart plugs shortly. I think the Thermostat is a long reach for a company focused on so called “simple” products for an incredible price.

The thing that has prevented me from installing a smart thermostat or smart switches is an old house with no c wire or neutral wires.

The Ecobee comes with a device that overcomes the need for a C wire.

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For Wyze Thermostat:

  1. Ability to turn on the fan based upon a schedule.
  2. Ability to turn on a specific stage of a heat pump based upon a schedule limited only by a temperature window. e.g. only turn on stage 1 of heat no matter what the temp as long as it is less than 75 deg.
  3. Ability to adjust the set point differences for triggering the different stages.
  4. Ability to make Aux heat manual only.
  5. Learn your system and turn the system on to reach a set temp based upon the indoor and outdoor temp. e.g. if you want it to be 68 deg at 7am, then it will turn on earlier on colder mornings and later on mild mornings, so that it will reach the desired temp at the desired time given local conditions and system ability without using Aux.
  6. Use forecasted local conditions to preheat or cool based upon the most efficient heat pump usage.
  7. work with multistage systems.
  8. Work efficiently with heat pumps. Heat pumps change temperature more slowly than furnaces and change efficiency based upon the conditions around the outdoor unit.
  9. With my current smart thermostat in the winter, when I have a set point of 68 and I drop the temp to 65 at 7:30 when I leave, often at 7:15 it will turn on expensive Aux heating in a last ditch effort to reach the set point of 68 before the schedule change at 7:30 when I leave. This is a waste.
  10. ability to have a lot of schedule points during the day. 4 is not enough.
  11. Privacy. Occupancy sensors, thermostat schedules, geo fencing with phones, gps trackers, etc. give a very detailed insight into the personal life of an individual. This type of data must not be available to members of Wyze or those who ask it of Wyze. Zero Knowledge design. Anonymized, non personally identifiable use data is something I would like to share.
  12. TOU energy. ability for the user (not just power company) to set the cost of energy based upon time of day and have the thermostat plan the lowest cost heating.
  13. user accessible API.
  14. integration with renewable energy production systems, so that the HVAC system can work together using excess production.
  15. Ability to have complex interactions, complex integrations and complex decisions (AND, OR, schedules, etc.). IFTTT is inadequate.
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The wire itself is labeled for thermostats at home depot, depending on your ability all you need to do is attach it to the pre-existing wire, pull it through and make the same connections to the furnace as the old wire plus the extra power wire. It shouldn’t be more than an hours worth of work for an hvac guy to install either.

That’s seems like a big list to me. All I’d want from a smart thermostat is the ability to set it off of network in case the internet is ever out. That and seperate fan controls/scheduling.

Thanks for sharing your needs! You’ve put lots of good thought into this which is incredibly helpful!


I would love to see a Wyze Thermostat that would tie into the Wyze ecosystem and allow scheduling/monitoring. This would help the Wyzians save money on HVAC and also keep tabs on interior temps while on vacation. Wyze Rules would allow custom tailoring through schedules or Wyze Sense products.

A thermostat is a huge leap in technology. In the meantime go with the ecobee. It is to thermostats what wyze is to cams.

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