New product request Smart pet door

I would love to see Wyze come out with a line of smart pet doors. I suspect a lot of people could use it. Looking for something that would allow the pet to come through but would prevent other animals from doing so. I wouldn’t begin to understand how perhaps RFID tag for the pet and a sensor on the door? I love Wyze products and have a house full. Help a fella out with a smart pet door.

There are a few smart pet door products on the market already but they are very expensive (~$200) and don’t have any integration. mostly working with either RFID but more often with implanted microchips (which is mandatory in a lot of country)
A wyze pet door that can be voice controlled through Alexa/google and is affordable, would be amazing but more importantly, with a good partnership with a large pet accessory retailer would simply be a massive visibility boost for wyze and another big way of entering more households while helping pet owners a big time!