New Product Request: Current Sensor (AC 120 & 240 v)

A current sensor for AC lines would be a great way to know when an appliance is on or off.
Laundry washer & dryer being the first topic in mind, also air conditioning and heaters.

Wyze Plug is currently in early access/beta, As of now it can only automate turning On/Off of the appliance that’s plug onto it. I don’t know if this could be implemented with just a firmware update or they have to release a V2 of the plug.

I suppose the Wyze Plug could be improved to know if there is a load being sent through it.
I’m thinking more of a simple collar to go around any device’s power cord, especially 220 for washers and similar.

It has to go around only one of the wires in the cord, you can’t just snap these around the whole cord, the hot and neutral fields negate each other. That’s why the amazon item you linked to shows it going around the wires in the breaker box. There are low cost versions of these, but they are not generally internet enabled, However, with a bit of work and some extra parts, you can build one yourself.

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a dryer sensor something like this.

My thought is to use a snap-on AC current sensor like this

which generate an electrical output, and use this to drive a DC electromagnet, which in turn would trigger a Wyze contact sensor. (The Wyze contact sensors are triggered by the proximity of a small magnet.)