New product - Multi-Display gadget or digital dashboard

I had a product that recently Wink decided to charge for monthly support. It was called the Quirky Nimbus. It uses blink up to work, but no matter what I do, I cannot get it to work again without paying for monthly subscriptions. I have been loving Wyze since nearly the beginning and I was hoping you could create something like it. I personally don’t need all the gizmos on it that it used to do, weather, traffic, Facebook notifications, tweets, etc, I honestly used it very basically as a world clock. Silly, I know! But I’m somewhat lost without it and I wanted something like it because I’m constantly on forums trying to figure out how I can hack it, and I know others would want the use of this item back for all its bells and whistles as people used it for their clients social media tracking. Not sure if this is something in your wheelhouse, but thought I would ask because I miss my dumb clocks and it would definitely be a Wi-Fi home item. Thanks for your consideration!

This is the closest item I found that describes what I am looking for as well. Now that Wyze has quite an ecosystem of devices including cameras, bulbs, sensors, locks, and soon doorbell and thermostat – a multi-display dashboard app that could view or control many of these items at once would be incredibily useful and powerful. It would also tie the whole ecosystem together in a powerful interface.

This would be a replacement for things like ActionTiles or OpenHAB (but only for Wyze products), and get more buy-in into the Wyze ecosystem.

Some use cases:
(1) Have a wall-mounted a tablet near the door that shows in a single view: (a) the front door Wyze camera with 2-way audio, (b) can lock/unlock Wyze lock, and ( c) turns on/off the porch Wyze bulb.
(2) You have the Wyze app installed on a tablet and the dashboard described above pops up when someone rings the Wyze doorbell
(3) Have a phone or tablet display showing multiple cameras that cycle through your front/back/side/garage cameras, along with widgets to toggle the light grouped with the displayed camera, or set them to auto based on motion detection or Wyze sensor
(4) Replace a light switch with a wall-mounted phone or tablet in a room that can control the camera and each individual light bulb in the room.

Update: found a closer item and put this comment there: More devices displayed on one screen (tiled view)

If you used the nimbus as a world clock, did you just want a smart clock?

Or a wall mounted tablet like wyzocam suggested

I want something to replace my Nimbus where it had four different displays that can do four different things. Ultimately I ended up using the Nimbus as four clocks but it had features to choose from. It was able to be like a barometer that syncs in real time, so you don’t have to constantly check your phone. Taking this from Amazon: it kept a virtual eye on your calendar, traffic, weather, emails, Twitter, Facebook, Eggs in your Egg Minder, your savings in your Porkfolio - and so much more!

Porkfolio was like a stock portfolio. And it had the time as an option as well. I would want four displays as clocks but my suggestion is for something to replace this strange Nimbus item because the forums that I go to on it have people disappointed that it was gone too soon.

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Ok thanks for the clarification. That seems like a new product idea. I wonder if there’s a market for it though since I think most people probably just keep constantly checking their phones for that info. I’ve actually never heard of such a device until you mentioned it here.

I could be wrong, but is there a home base system that would let us connect cams we have now into one unit so we can simultaneously watch multiple live feeds at once ? I want to dedicate a screen to just a security feed so I don’t have to keep opening and closing the app or having to worry about missing things on different cams because I have to individually click each feed

@Travis_b it’s a feature currently. It’s called Grouping. When you group all cameras you can watch them under one screen.

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