New Product: Local Control Bridge

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Local Control Bridge
I want a WYZE hub that can sit on my local network and act as a bridge to connect all my Wyze devices with a local network API.

You would update the firmware on your devices to look for a local control bridge first and if it doesn’t find one then try to hook into your cloud server. That way it reduces your server costs and also gives people the option of some way for the device to work in the unfortunate event of your company evaporating, or choosing to turn off the server side support of a particular product.

I’d want it to have the ability to locally control all Wyze products, so I’d expect it to come standard with wifi and ethernet, with the option to give it other radios like the way the first generation Wyze sense added rf to the Wyze cam to enable those. Me personally I would want it to have Bluetooth functionality so that my Wyze Scale and Wyze Floor lamps can be connected without relying on my phone or the physical remote.

This would allow developers to write FOSS alternatives to things like Cam+, So having the cost of this bridge to be rather high is totally reasonable and expected. I would think the cost of the bridge the hardware, plus the cost of a year of your cam+ fee is a fair price.

As an alternative for this, give a cloud API! and charge a low monthly fee. I love Wyze products, but If your company evaporates because server costs outpace profits I don’t want all my devices to be paper weights. Please!

The MASSIVE community around Home Assistant would celebrate this, and you’d generate an entirely new customer base of people who refuse to purchase cloud dependent devices.


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