New Product idea: Wall mounted tablet for Wyze/home interface

With the apparent ability to add new and completely unrelated products to your company, can we get you to develop and produce and new one for home automation?

Wishlist item:
7" or 10" touchscreen display w/ portrait and landscape display options
In wall and flush mount options
powered by POE adpater, 110v inwall adapter(hardwired), with battery backup
Wifi 2.4, bluetooth (as speaker)
Front Camera, mic and speakers
Open UI (android prefered) or locked down like Fully Kiosk

I need to have a screen that I can run my home automation dashboard on (Hubitat), view cameras, check weather, start vacuum, open the gate, take&make video calls, ect. This is normally a DIY project that gets cobbled to geather with the 3D printer, kids old tablet, some soldering and wishful thinking.


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