New outdoor camera

Well that was interesting. Wyze server crashed when ppl started ordering

Looks like a good reason for me to pass on the outdoor camera. Not a good sign when after all the hype everything crashes within the first minute.

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Server is getting hammered. lol

Yeah, I’ve spent about 20 mins trying to complete a purchase and then decided to move on with my life! :slight_smile:

You would think they would’ve learned after the masks ordeal.

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I’m sure the 500 different posts about not being able to get into the zoom meeting is helping with bandwidth on the site…

Anyone know the specs for charging the camera? 5VDC/3amp ok?

Unable to place my order :frowning:

Same here. been trying for past 30 minutes.

Yes, it charges via standard 5V USB. You can charge from the USB port on the base station, or use your own charger.

Thank you, I appreciate the quick response. What is maximum amp rating? The circuit has a maximum amount of amps it will pull and I want to build a solar charger and provide it with all it can handle but not more (component cost can increase needlessly)

No worries if no one knows. I can put a meter on it and feed it till it maxes out. Just will have to wait to build till I have one in hand [August : ( ]

Wait… so to recharge, I’ll have to take the camera down from where it’s mounted and connect it to a charger? No replaceable batteries?

Yes, that is what it looks like to me. Where I would mount these would require and extension ladder.

it’s a hit!!
negative, negative. It didn’t go in. It just impacted on the surface

I’ll try again later today. Excited to order one!

Same. If it was replaceable batteries, it would be once up the ladder and the camera would be offline for just the few seconds it took to change them. If I have to recharge the whole camera, that’s two trips up the ladder, and the camera is offline the whole time it’s charging. This is becoming less and less attractive for my use case.

I think they fixed the server issue. I did have To edit my cart as I had 3 instead of one! I guessed I hit the add to cart button too many times after the server 500 error!

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I am going to put solar on mine. I don’t know what your attic situation (I have walking space and this could work) is but you could buy a long usb cable and have the ends in your attic. That way you just have to plug them in when charging is needed. I would not leave them plugged up though, Can shorten the life of the batteries if you do. When I do solar I plan on using amperage to gauge when to switch on charging or not.

With all this being said, I like the cameras and like to have them on the Wyse app. (Cant wait till RSTP is stable.)

My guess is the battery being enclosed is related to the weatherproofing. There will always be special cases and they can’t design for every situation. Idea: For $40, keep a spare cam charged and for the every 3-4 months you need to go up the ladder, just swap out the cam. :wink:

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Got mine to go through! only took an hour of patience (barely) lol