New Outdoor Camera questions

Just placed my order, site was slow but got to order one set at least. I will add the additional cameras once they are released for pre order. I do have a question, in saw the intro video, is this wyze camera going to record motion after a minute? And not after 5 minutes like the other wyze cams? Also it connects wirelessly to the hub right? And not to my wireless connection? Lastly what is the cameras night visón POV? Thank you !

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Yes, in the beta test you can set it as low as 1 minute for the record motion. I currently have mine set to 1 minute. Yes, the camera is wireless and connects to the hub. The hub requires an Ethernet connection. The camera is PIR (passive infrared) which is great because things like bugs don’t set it off. Only animals and humans. Per their website:

Motion detection senses body heat using passive infrared (PIR), which reduces false alerts from waving branches.

And to be clear it has night vision so you can see things at night.

I am not too fond of the need for the ethernet connection. The blink sync module only needs power and can be placed anywhere. It maybe a good idea to offer repeaters to increase the distance capabilty.

Will the Outdoor Cam work with Complete Motion Capture or only the 12 sec clips to save battery?

Per Wyze’s FAQ page about the WCO:

Wyze Cam Outdoor is not currently compatible with Complete Motion Capture (CMC) but we are working on this now. CMC will be available for Wyze Cam Outdoor at a later date.

They also support a Micro SD card for continuous recording.

It’s not entirely true that PIR isn’t set off by waving branches. If the camera senses a temperature differential it will activate.

I would not personally consider the “scheduled recording” option a true continuous recording option, at least not the way the v2 Cam works. From the FAQ:

" Will I be able to continuously record to a micro SD card like with Wyze Cam v2?

Wyze Cam Outdoor is built for maximum flexibility so that you can truly put it anywhere you want even if that is outside or where there is no power outlet. Continuously recording to a micro SD card like Wyze Cam v2 will make the battery life extremely short. Because of this, we did not build this feature and Wyze Cam v2 is still the best option for this use case. However, we did build a “Scheduled Recording” feature where you can schedule specific times for the camera to continuously record to its local micro SD card or record when PIR is triggered though this will reduce battery life."

I watched the video and am a bit confused on the limitations and restrictions of using the Base Station.

Do I really have to run an ethernet cable through my house to connect it to my centralized router? Is there a 50 ft distance limitation between the base station and the WCO?

Inquiring minds and all that - this is an area that could use some additional info for getting optimum installation.

Correct, it’s all about what is on the other side of the branches. :wink: However, PIR is still a superior to a pixel comparison algorithm which will always trigger when anything “waves”.

There is really no way for them to accurately state the signal distance. As anyone familiar with wi-fi implementation and placement can attest, structure, layout, and materials make for huge variables in wi-fi signal strength. However, as a point of reference, base station to WCO distance in an open field is easily over 100 yards. So unless you have a very large house or very unique structure, layout, or materials, it should be common to be able to place a single basestation next to your wifi router and get usable connectivity and signal strengths to cameras around your home. Worse case, you could at least run a cable to get closer to the center of your home (as relevant to intended camera placement) but you definitely don’t need to run it all the way out to a window 20 feet from the cam. :wink:

OK - That does help a bit. To get more specific with the questions - I’ll have to have the Base Station and WCO to “experiment.”

I understand and appreciate the WYZE enthusiasm is getting everything out the door - As a constructive suggestion: How about a Library of various installations that the Beta Testers used both for the WCO and Base Station. Sorta like tricks that people used to get the most out of things.

Thanks for finally getting the WCO out the Door and into the COLD.

So, I did a brief search and didn’t see anything relevant to this question, that may mean it was already covered someplace else so I apologize if this is redundant (but if it is, it makes it easier to answer! ^_^)

Are the batteries hot-swappable? Are they user replaceable?

just to clarify, the PIR wakes the camera, then pixel comparison is done to verify motion, just like the other cams


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You do have to have the base station connected to the router with an ethernet cable, however the WCO can be more than 50 feet from the base station, they are saying 300 feet in an open field situation. In testing I easily got 100 feet through some walls and aluminum siding.

No, it’s not about what’s on the other side of the branches, it’s about temperature differentials. Two leaves on tree, where one is in the Sun and the other in the shade can set off PIR when the wind blows moving them.

technically the PIR could be activated by something other than the leaves, then when the cam wakes up it detects motion of the leaves.

The outdoor cam does what it was intended to do despite others who wish it did many other things.

  • If it can be mounted on the perimeter of most houses then that’s great. If it can be mounted farther out then that’s a plus. I am prevented from “wiring up” an outside cam so this serves that purpose.
  • If a solar panel could someday be used to trickle charge it then that would be a plus.
  • Questions: Is it UL rated? Have you tested the unit in constant 110 degree heat for 3 months? Tested in constant 10 degree cold for 3 months? I see you tested water but if you test a leaked/flooded unit for a week, what will happen? Do you have a video showing what happens to a unit if the battery is shorted? Will the unit send a notification if the battery appears faulty? …I cant find clear safety reports.

Not sure why a low power battery operated camera would even need a UL rating, but okay. I’m sure Wyze will come up with an option to purchase a solar panel to charge the battery. Reolink did this for there Argus battery camera and everyone says it works great and fills a need to keep the battery charged. This is good so you don’t have to charge the battery a deal with removing it, when it’s mounted up high. I doubt there will be a battery fault notification, no one else does this. Low battery yes, but not for a fault. And even the low battery notification isn’t accurate, in any battery camera.

The biggest issue with connecting power to the WCO is it makes it not weatherproof anymore. The back for the port to recharge the battery has to be unsealed which when left open makes it susceptible to moisture and water. Unfortunately, it cannot be sealed with a charger connected to it.

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I wish it was able to be plugged in and weatherproof though… I hope Wyze makes a second version that allows you to plug in the camera and have continuous recording!