New housing color or wallpaper template?



I lieu of purchasing a Wyze cam with black matte housing (please add this to hardware Wish List!) … has anyone created a .pdf that I could print on black construction paper (with exact cutout positioning for lens, etc.) and place over the front of a couple of my cameras? Specifically, the two cams that I have resting on windowsills and pointed through glass toward the front porch and back patio. With the default camera housing, the reflection of the “white cube” back into the lens makes the Live image almost unviewable (until cloud cover)! I’ve seen examples over on reddit where strips of black electrician’s tape are used but I’m afraid, given my dexterity, any attempt to wallpaper my camera(s) might frighten even Darth Vader. :open_mouth:


Try turning off your night vision. I use one of my cameras through glass with no issue

In the app, tap your camera, in the upper right section (in line with the words Live Stream, below the settings gear) tap the moon icon until it says Off.




“I think milehiguy means during the day because of the cloud cover remark. I have a similar issue during parts of the day, sunlight illuminates the glossy white so much it’s reflected in the window.”

Exactly, I’m talking about when the sun is out. Because they’re pointed through a window, day and night, I don’t enable night vision with either of these cameras. Thought I’d ask if anyone has come up with a black template that I can just “peel and stick” to cover the front of the camera (because it’s so … WHITE!). I could accomplish this with strips of electrician’s tape (see att.), but am looking for a cleaner solution.

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Before I had recommenced just using a sharpie to color the face black. Works well.



@doublea Thanks for looking into this. I see what you mean re: being unable to find how order them. In any case, for those following this thread, I'll attach the image from that website that shows the wraps ...


<span style="color: #000000; font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;">I think milehiguy means during the day because of the cloud cover remark. I have a similar issue during parts of the day, sunlight illuminates the glossy white so much it’s reflected in the window.</span>
@doublea - regarding your comment (above) from the 8th ... for those still wondering what reflection I'm referring to, here's a photo that one of my cameras took yesterday, resting on the windowsill with the lense about 1 inch from the glass. Note that it wasn't particularly sunny outside (or the reflection would have been worse). If the housing of the camera had been black or dark gray (matte finish preferably), then the reflection of the camera you see in the photo would be eliminated, or at least greatly lessened.



Mine is pressed up to the glass. No reflection.


they have sticker here but shipping is crazy


Get some gaffer tape. It’s matte black and various widths. Doesn’t leave “gum” if removed, unlike duct tape. I use it in the studio all the time.


Thanks for the tip on the gaffer tape. Now, to decide what width to buy in order to most easily cover the front of the camera!


I just finished and designed a little cover that pops over the top! :slight_smile: did my test prints in white and final in black… no reflections.


How can I get 3 of these?!


Sorry for being a bit quiet of late. I got hospitalised for a week. Now I`m having an issue with my printer. I got the design finished but just having an issue with one of my printer axis. ( getting slightly oval circles ) Should be fixed soon.


Thanks Darren. Hope all is well, glad your doing better. Please email me at mrlettiere @


Darren, did you ever post the stl files for your covers anywhere? I’d like to try printing one. Thanks!