New Firmware issue

The ‘have problem’ is only found in the beta app, currently the production is the newest version of the app. That is why the beta is not found in the Google Play Store. When a new beta come out the ‘have problem’ link will be in it.

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The only problem is currently there is no beta, it is the production app actually listed there, until a new beta is released you will still just get the production app

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Ok, gotcha. I see what you’re saying now.

It threw me at first also

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Google play shows version 2. 13.119 is beta version

Beta version v2.13.119 was released yesterday and now it’s officially the production app.

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In the Wyze (Beta) are of Google Play what it does is give you the newest app whether it s beta or production. Currently the newest app is a production app, when a new beta app is issued you will get a new one from there.