New feature request



It would be fantastic if we had an option to Arm and Disarm of all of your cameras at the same time. so basically no motion saved by cameras unless you armed the system when you left the house. this could be the best security with many different cameras all over the house ( and outside once you have new product for external use)


Also windows and Mac application support would be beneficial.


For the first part of your request, this already exists. Two ways, in fact. First, in the current app, there is a shortcuts area. You can setup a shortcut triggered by tapping its button at the top of the device list and have actions in that shortcut to turn off each camera. Second, you can use IFTTT to turn off cameras and you can trigger IFTTT by location of your phone, so you can make it happen automatically when you leave and return.

For the 2nd part of your request, Wyze has indicated that they have no plans for a web or PC app, at least in the near future. The workaround is to install an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox and run the Wyze app (or TinyCam) within that on your computer.


The one feature missing for me in the shortcuts is turn off/on sound detection instead of turning off the camera (which I believe turns off local microSD).




So using IFTTT, I noticed its possible to turn on/off motion detection and notifications by phone location but is it possible to turn the camera on/off. I would rather have the camera be completely off when Im home.




Yes, you can turn the cameras on/off with IFTTT. Go to the URL below and click “Wyze triggers and actions” at the bottom. You will see that Turn On/Off Device are available actions that can be incorporated into a recipe.



Thanks Rick.


I completely agree here. The new shortcuts and automated tasks are awesome, but would be great if we had the ability to turn Sound Detection on/off like we do video and notifications. I noticed this is missing on IFTTT as well. Thanks for all the hard work!


I’ve added your vote for the ability to toggle sound detection via Shortcuts and IFTTT to Wyze’s feature request tracker.


Thanks so much!