New door sensors and motion sensor OFFLINE


Already setup two door sensors and the motion but all 3 are offline, any Ideas,


Hey Mmskyhawk,

Please take a look at the Wyze Sense troubleshooting guide:


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Welcome … here’s the WYZE SENSE troubleshooting page. Not sure the other link listed is what you are looking for.

ALSO, try power cycling (unplugging and restarting) your camera you used for the sense set up. Some report that brings everything back online


No buddy give support, Nothing working HOW CAN I GET MY MONEY BACK FOR THOSE SENSORS?


Hi @mmskyhawk, sorry to hear you’re having issues. I don’t understand your statement about no one giving support. Two members pointed you to the troubleshooting guides. Did you try any of the steps in those guides, and if so, what were the results? Can you give more details than you provided in your original post?


Hello I did and still the same.


I believe some body contact me directly by my email and try to help me, I’m wrong sorry.
I try everything but still the same, my camera is working but the sensors still offline. I don’t know what can I do?