New detection zone issue (Bug)

It looks like the way this is currently implemented is based on the intersection of the motion tagged area and any enabled squares in the detection zone. And since the motion tagged areas is limited to a single rectangle it sometimes intersects with an enabled grid square even though the motion originated inside a disabled square. See this screenshot for an example:

can you replicate it with motion tagging off?

I didn’t even think of that but I turned motion tagging off and now that I think of it I feel like there were less notifications. I haven’t back this up with testing though, only speculation currently.

I don’t think disabling motion tagging from the UI will change anything since I am pretty sure that toggle is for the visual display of motion tagged area in event videos and live preview.

yes, with it being an overlay, it shouldn’t affect anything or trigger recording, but simply missing a small line of code could possibly effect it and it seems like that could be an easy oversight. it’s definitely something I’m going to test when I get home just out of curiosity now. im hoping/ thinking you’re right as that would require bit of work in the code.

I will post my results

I’ve noticed that since the beginning

I’ve sent logs and sample videos, the new version is definitely better than before, but to me it seems like everything is good till something happens and it gets that first detection deep inside the exclusion zone, not even close to the edge, then after that it just keeps seeing them and kind of ignores the zone setting after that.

How many, if any of you folks are also beta testing the thermostat?
I think I’ve found that the thermostat beta app is messing up the regular beta apps detection zone settings.
Make sure to avoid opening the camera settings in the wrong app.

Im on the beta app but not testing thermostat, i was wondering trying to test the exclusion with motion taggin off and see how it behaves. Ive had it on the entire time and i even excluded anywhere where tagging forms and still get triggers.

Looks like it doesn’t make a difference, and I’ve had “all other motion” off and only Wyze Ai detection on.

Yup, it looks like it needs some more work / tweaking for sure.

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After 50+ notifications from inside the exclusion zone today already, I’ve reverted back to version 199.
I’ll test it again when the next version / fix comes along.


Pan Cam on firmware and I’m still getting detections in the exclusion zone. I am getting much less of them compared to the previous beta firmware that initially added this feature but it’s still triggering in the areas marked to ignore.

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Also having the same issue. Camera is recording with movement on the darkened boxes. v217 currently.

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I’ve gone back to 199 on the V2 cameras, although 218 was better than the previous versions, I was still getting many notifications from well within the exclusion zone on both cameras, about 40 in their first half of the day with the sensitivity tuned down to 30%…at which point it doesn’t detect anything, even where it’s supposed to.
Definitely unusable the way it is.