New Beta Firmware Released on 10/31/2019, (V2) and (Pan)

The progress bar goes to 100% but then says upgrade failed

In this case , close the app and then kill it , go back in and check to see if it actually did upgrade , sometimes it says it failed but actually did not

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its not upgrading. rebooted and tried at least four times. fails and then each time you open that camera you get ‘upgrade available’ notice.

Same here. 3 Pan Cam upgrade fail.

Seems like there must be a bug in the new firmware , in your case I can’t confirm that, I’m not running beta firmware.
You could try some of the basic things like power cycling the camera , reinstalling the app, take out your SD card, clear your cache, clear your data

Looks like the Pan beta firmware has been withdrawn. It no longer triggers an update available notice?

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@WyzeWendy is this what has happened ?
Pan beta firmware has been withdrawn?

my version is back to 5.17 and no upgrade notice. so it must have been reverted.


I did a little checking and the Pan firmware has in fact been pulled until they figure out what is up with it.

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Probably found it on Facebook right?

Yes basically lol. I bounce back and forth between the beta area there and here.

Now one of my Pan Cam fried because of the back and forth upgrade failure.

OK so you have a new nickname The Bouncer :grinning:

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Thank you for your interest in helping us beta test! It’s an incredibly important stage for development and your help makes it more likely that we’ll have time to find and fix bugs before launches. As long as you’re okay with the possibility of running into bugs and the lower possibility of needing us to replace a camera for you, we’re happy to have you on board! If you would rather not run these risks, you should probably turn back now.

Okay, now that the people that should stick with the release versions have left this post, here’s a link that has the various testing categories, information about them, and instructions for how to join or apply.

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Yes, we are so sorry. We have some problems with the firmware and the engineers are fixing it right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you so much Jason!


I am fine with the beta.

They are currently working on Canadian shipping, according to the #roadmap it is ‘in-development’


With latest firmware, it appears there is wifi stability issue. App loses live stream access and only way it would connect is manual reboot of the device and works for a while. Previous version did not have any of those issues. Update to latest firmware also took 3-4 tries per camera.

Thank you for letting us know. I will discuss this issue with our Dev manager today. Have a nice day!