New Beta App and firmware with Person&Vehicle detection was launched (2.3.80)

I have had my motion sensitivity set at 1 since the first week and it still gets nearly every bug and now with this Beta Person/Vehicle detection feature it seems to be random what it tags bugs as. Sometimes motion, sometimes vehicle, sometimes a person. There does not seem to be a lot of AI training built into the algorithm yet, but it is a work in progress. AI even when fully trained will have its limitations, I am holding out for the outdoor camera model to have this AI and a PIR motion sensor natively implemented out of the box. But yes I wait and wait for it…

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Same with me! Wyze App 2.3.80; F/W: [also reverted to with same results]. NO RTSP. What’s the secret to get RTSP back?

I’m away from home and updated one of my Wyze cams to the newest beta firmware. One thing I noticed is that the 12 second cloud clips seem to be of lower quality now. Or rather much higher compression. I’m getting some boxy jpg type artifacts. Anyone else notice this?

I don’t see the person & vehicle option in the advanced settings and my cam pan upgrade is up to date. How do I add this option?

Assuming you have the beta app, it’s under advanced settings

To answer my own question: Since the firmware upgrade was still on my SD card, I reinstalled the required F/W. Then when I went back to the phone app, RTSP showed up again. Go figure!

did you ever find this out? I dont see a response

Agree with you 100% here - ideally there are distinct push notifications for each type of motion (person/vehicle/motion). Taking it a step further for assistant (google/alexa) integration or IFTTT such that when Wyze notices a vehicle we could have the assistant or hub of choice notify us verbally of such activity.

Use case: you are in the kitchen cooking and vehicle pulls into your driveway. wyze cam identifies a vehicle motion event and the notification then triggers a push/routine within google home assistant or alexa to say “Vehicle motion detected on [camera name]”