New Beta App and firmware with Person&Vehicle detection was launched (2.3.80)

This is what I was wondering. My pan and scan that I use to watch the cats during the day has been tagging them as people.

Pir sensitivity decreases when ambient temperature increases. The pixel tracking would still detect so without some processing of what it sees, it’s going to miss some people but register movement or maybe vehicles.
And cats are people too, it’s subjective :smiley_cat:


Posting here because this started happening after updating my app (Android 2.3.80) and firmware (Wyze Cam v2, but I can start a new thread if necessary.

After the upgrade my 12-second motion alert videos appear to be delayed by several seconds. For example, a delivery truck drove by my house and I received a “Vehicle detected” alert, but the 12-second video did not have the truck in it. I went back to my microSD recordings and it looks like the truck passed about 2-3 seconds before the beginning of the alert video.

I checked a few others and all motion alert videos for the past 2 days appear to have a similar delayed start where any motion under 2 seconds is completely absent from the video, and motion longer than 2 seconds appears to have the first 2-3 seconds missing from the beginning.

Is it possible that the person/vehicle algorithm is delaying the start of recording until it has finished processing?

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My cat seems to be setting off the person detection every time.

Does anyone here know if videos are only sent when you manually tag them or all the events are automatically being sent for AI training?

Only the videos you tag manually are sent for AI training.

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this is coolest feature that’s being developed and is something that will set this apart from the other cameras.

Feature request: receive a push notification that says the type (person/vehicle/etc) motion detected. This will allow users to react accordingly to notifications.

Here we go again: Wyze putting out a feature with no information as to what it is, what it does, how it works, why it’s there, how it affects related features. OK, it’s cool and I’m sure eventually Wyze developers can make it work so that I can tell the difference between my twin cousins and the difference between a 1991 and 1992 Chevy Impala. Then what? What is the intended application (use) of this feature? Is there a business plan for this expenditure of resources (as opposed to something else), or is this a programming exercise? How will it impact the current motion detection features? Is it going to put more text on the video image and block someone’s face? Is it going to burden the camera CPU? Is this why the “off-line recording” feature was eliminated (to me that’s a deal breaker, making the cameras significantly less useful for surveillance)?

Sorry, the tone of my message is prompted by yet another recent product intro with no information: Wyze Sense. First there was a video of the lead developer being all excited about the product. Then there is a video showing people brushing teeth, eating cookies, bread toasters, washing machines, etc. Eventually you get the idea that this may be some type of sensing device. So what? There are many of those on the market. What’s so special about THIS product? How does it work? How does it hook up? Etc. I shouldn’t have to dig through the thousands of posts or do searches on the Support pages to maybe get answers.

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As far as I know this is a beta-only feature so there wouldn’t have been any official announcement, just this post in the Beta section. I think the assumption is that if you’re a beta tester you’re keeping up on the latest requested features and bugs so you can properly test. And, beta means not all features may work so there’s some risk that a beta firmware/app may break functionality in some minor way. Since you’re not in the Beta Testers group I assume this will not affect you.

I know AI detection has been a long-requested feature to help cut down on the number of motion alerts. Not so much to identify car models as to identify vehicles and people instead of blowing leaves or passing clouds. I believe the person/vehicle detection is just the first step, but more info will probably follow when the feature moves to the public release.

I watched the Wyze Sense video on the product page and I agree it’s more of a flashy marketing video than a technical overview. If you click the “Learn More” button it does give you a nice high-level overview of what Wyze Sense is and what it can do for you. If you scroll to the bottom it even offers a brief explanation of how it connects (via Wyze Cam) and includes tech specs.


Are there plans to make the push notifications display what type of motion (person/vehicle/motion)? Currently all notification alerts say “motion detected,” and I then have to go into the events tab to see what type of motion. It would be convenient if the push notification actually said “person detected,” etc. so I can determine if I need to check the recording.

@thequietman44 Thank you for your feedback. I realized that the Person&Vehicle feature is a beta test and I’ve already uncovered a great deal more about Sense to the point that will soon buy one. But I’m trying to make a point to Wyze (and perhaps the Community forum is the wrong place for that), that as Wyze grows and expects to gain more customers, it has to present a more mature, concise and informative front to potential customers. People who are not aware of the good products will not spend much time digging up details if not presented, up front, with good information.

Wyze has already been making improvements with their communication process quite a bit through community and mod feedback, and I’m sure they’ll appreciate your feedback here as well. :slight_smile:

Which is all true but it’s fairly typical for beta testers to e handed “stuff” and the developers get their feedback. I don’t expect full fledge documentation or product sheets for beta products. Some times, I’ve gotten a product with zero accompanying doc’s - fend for yourself and figure it out. That one turned into Smarthings.

Hi, folks!

I’ll see what I can do to get one of our tech people to explain about this feature. But in my base understanding, what you’re testing and helping us to refine is the added ability of a Wyze Cam to use an algorithm to detect if a person or vehicle is in a video when it is recorded. This would happen at the camera itself instead of the video having to be sent elsewhere for the detection to occur. So, if interested, please send as many videos in as you feel comfortable for both false tags and accurate tags.

This has been a highly requested feature and, as pointed out earlier in the thread, will help to make sure that you see event videos that you care more about (instead of small things like the sun or shadow changes) and could potentially be the precursor to some other cool features down the way.

And for those asking what you should tag your beloved, fuzzy friends as, please indicate that they are neither people nor vehicles (for the sake of the test). :slight_smile:


I get why it id’s animals as people or vehicles by why are the possums always tagged as vehicles and the raccoons are always people?? :man_shrugging:
(And while it’s true that possums carry their young on their backs, technically making them a mode of transportation {vehicle}, I don’t believe the algorithm is that smart. :sunglasses:


I’m really loving this. Thanks. Hoping the finished version will include animals as that’s frequently what triggers one of my cams.

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I can hardly wait to see how it tags a snake :snake:


On my Wzye camera, with night vision turned on, my back door camera catches every bug.
I’d be happy if I could simply choose to ignore events shorter than a certain amount of time.

Synology has “Ignore short-lived motion” and choosing 1 second has cut down a lot of false alerts. I use this for a non-Wyze camera. I haven’t tried the RTSP firmware yet,

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I had the same issue. You can adjust the sensitivity in detection settings. With the camera up, click the gear in the upper right corner. From there Detection settings—->motion detection-> {sensitivity slider} (0-100). Set it lower and you’ll cut down the “bug” false detects considerably.

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How low is your setting?
I have mine at 12 and I still get every bug