New Band Strap Issue

Just noticed my Wyze Band strap mat finish is wearing off and for the first time my wrist is red and irritated. I’ve never had an allergic reaction to these type of straps before. I wear my Band 24/7 except for in the shower and today was the first time my wrist looked red and irritated. So now my strap looks terrible with the wear on it and my wrist is irritated, Wyze really needs to look into this.

I would suggest you open a ticket or call support on this since the finish it deteriorating. I’ve had good luck with the live support my last couple of calls.
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The straps are I believe silicone. Silicones does tend to wear fairly fast. Apple replaced my silicone band that came with the watch within a year. But only once. Of course I paid a fair bit more for it.

Not sure that you should expect much when the whole band is less than a strap for other watches. The cosmetic aspect is unfortunate and it would be nice if Wyze could offer replacement straps.

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It’s the mat surface on the silicone that is wearing off. Not to mention how the snap type strap keeps coming unsnapped and the traditional watch strap end keep popping out of the retaining loop. We can’t even delete background pictures we downloaded from our phones into the Band. And the usable part of the display is way smaller than the screen size and can’t see the tiny icons. Wish I Never bought this thing!

I do understand your frustration. I no longer have mine. I am sticking with my Apple Watch. But I will say the wear on a silicone band is actually common. Not good but to be expected.

Now the other issues you have are definitely more problematic. Screen size is what it is, but I imagine being able to delete pictures will be addressed in a future software update.

True but the display size is very misleading, because anyone would think the whole screen is usable, but it’s much less.

There have already been numerous updates and nothing has addressed being unable to delete background pictures. I’m at a loss to understand why Wyze didn’t have this feature from the start. Common sense would tell you, if you can download a picture file into the Band then you should be able to delete it as well. As with most of the Wyze products, it was rushed to market.