Network Timed Out



When I’m at work I keep getting the message “network timed out”. It works fine at home and when I’m in my car. I have only had it since yesterday. Is there anything I can do? The main reason I got the cameras is so I can watch my dogs from work. Thank you!


When you are at work, is your phone connected to wifi or are you streaming over cellular data? Is there any error message number along with the “network timed out”?


It was on wi-fi. I turned off wi-fi and was able to get it working. Thank you for your help!!


i’m having the same problem, but I don’t have cell service in my building. So I need wifi turned on.

Like the other guy, works fine in the parking lot with cell service and at home, but not on my work wifi connection.


FYI, no error code is included with the message besides “network timed out”. See picture attached.

my phone is a Android Pixel 2 XL running the July security patch on 8.1.





Can you try it on some other wifi as a test? Most likely, there are ports being blocked by your work wifi. Here is some troubleshooting guidance:

And here are the ports that need to be open:



I’ve been seeing this error message since the new firmware and 1.4 app (on Android). It seems to be the app to be honest. It was perfectly stable before the new updates.


I’m seeing this error as well. I’m on my home wifi - in the same rooms as the cameras. They work fine otherwise. Pixel 2 phone with latest os, and Wyze pan cams with latest firmware.

Network speeds are generally good (I can stream 4k).

Hopefully a temporary glitch.


The more that I play with the app (v1.4), the more that I am seeing network time outs. This includes timeouts while looking at past ‘Playbacks’ from memory cards or perhaps while modifying settings on the camera itself (set detection zone, for example).


All (4) of my cameras are now experiencing various levels of instability inside of the app (connectivity issues for the most part). After the new firmware upgrade, recently, they were fine on the old app (1.3.x), but once it moved to 1.4 things became a bit more unstable.


Hi RickO,

Yes it works on other wifi connections. But I find this unacceptable that ports other then 80 need to be open in order to function. My Nest cam doesn’t have this limitation and to be honest i’m sure most wifi cameras don’t either. You guys need to figure out a way to allow 99% of users to connect to their camera via any wifi connection, not just those with a,b,c,d,e,f…unique setups on their network. You’re going to loose users or future users quickly otherwise.


-Wilson, The Ball


Hey everyone! Thanks for bringing this up, if it is a bug in our app we will want to make sure it is being addressed. Next time this issue happens please submit a log by going to My Account -> Help & Feedback -> Feedback (near the bottom of the page), this will send a log to us so we can explore the issue.

I would also like some information included in the feedback forum as well (some of these I’m including incase someone else needs to go this route too):

  1. Do you get network timeouts only on WiFi or have you seen these on LTE as well?
  2. Does this happen on all external WiFi networks or only a specific one?
  3. What firmware version are the effected cameras running?
  4. How repeatable is this? Does it happen all of the time, some of the time, or rarely.

Once this is submitted please let me know the ticket number you are given here so I may pick up the tickets and forward the needed information to the Devs and ask any follow up questions we may need. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!


Im having same issue. At work on work wifi, it says "Network Timed Out’ and wont even allow me to access the app (or go to settings or anything - stuck on WYZE home screen).

When at home, different wifi network or cellular, the app and connections work fine. I just got this camera last week and this kind of stinks. I bought to be able to use while at work, but my cell service is terrible in my office and I have to use Wifi…



I am having the same issue on LTE. It worked fine yesterday. Turned it off when I got home. Today, it times out trying to turn back on.



Getting a Network Timed Out message when attempting to view some Notification videos. Some notification videos play fine, others do not. The ones that do not play start by saying “downloading video” then a pause then a “network timed out” message appears.

Android app version 1.5.82
Wyze Cam v2: firmware